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Official: STAR WARS THREAD. These are the droids you're looking for. **WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!** - Page 78

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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

Yes, the fact that you'll each have your own subjective experience of watching the same movie will undoubtedly resolve all disagreements. smile.gif

This is what I meant about not getting credit for my jokes.
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I've read many reviews that were overwhelmingly positive that contained negative critiques. No one is saying they believe this movie will be perfect Ataturk. I've said before that I am hopeful it will stand up to the OT upon my personal viewing but will be more then happy if it ends up being an enjoyable continuation of the film franchise that doesn't quite reach the status of being a classic. The OT set the bar very, very high in that regard.
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The WSJ loved it. I think it even referred to recapturing the magic.
I will see it anyway.
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I haven't read any reviews and I didn't read Ata's spoilered section...

But aggregators (or at least Rotten Tomatoes) don't base their rating on the actual level of positivity a reviewer has. I think they simply look for more of a thumbs up or thumbs down. So a 90% movie means that 90% of critics suggested watching it, but doesn't necessarily mean all of the critics thought the movie was absolutely incredible or rated it a 9/10.
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I believe Oatsey is correct. Certainly that's how Rotten Tomatoes does it.
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Yes he is correct, but I do wonder how they judge film reviews without a formal rating system when the reviewer isn't 100% clear on if he felt it was watching or not. Or when they only recommend it for filmgoers with specific tastes.

It's easy to aggregate the data when look at star ratings or "thumbs," not so much when it's left open to interpretation.

At the end of the day it's fair to say aggregators don't tell the whole story.
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It may surprise some of you but I really don't mind Ataturk shit posting in this thread. He's at least entertaing in his criticisms and I'd take that over Rambo's nonsense back in the Comic Thread any day.

Looking forward to the drama after Thursday. tongue.gif
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Gee, thanks. I think you ought to be allowed to speak as well!

Speaking of the movie:
When it comes to Star Wars, hype has always been an important part of the overall experience. A new installment in the beloved sci-fi franchise, for example, has been praised by critics for being “deliriously inventive,” “an astonishing achievement in imaginative filmmaking,” and “captivating.”

I am, of course, talking about The Phantom Menace, the first of the three Star Wars prequels, which most fans of the original movies pretend don’t exist.

The seventh movie in the series, The Force Awakens, comes out tomorrow, and already critics are rhapsodizing about its “strong performances,” “old-fashioned escapism,” and script that “has a better and sharper sense of humor than the original trilogy.” Which bodes well for fans. Except: The same thing happened in 1999, when the first Star Wars prequel met with acclaim, which turned into late-breaking disdain.

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Don't worry Ataturk. Your freedom of speech will be protected in this thread. rolleyes.gif
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Unless you drop spoilers. Then the banhammer
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Grand Leader Snope kills Dumbledore.
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Speaking of spoilers I've decided to go ahead and mark the thread as such in the morning. No ones going to be modderating posts but please be respectful enough to use spoiler tags for the the first couple weeks. It doesn't take a lot of effort and keeps you from looking like a dick. After that feel free to post away without them.
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My comment actually went meta when JRM liked it
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Eh I got it... That's why I followed up saying I've decided to relax my position on them. Really all I'm asking is people use good judgement about spoilers and don't be dicks in this thread.
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I fully realize the "don't be a dick about them" is a tall order to ask in the interwebs.
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