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Help with choosing a greatcoat

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Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get your opinions on a greatcoat. Ideally, I would have one made for me, but I usually buy RTW for coats and shoes and go bespoke only for my jackets and suits.

I know of the O'Connell British warm, the BB officer's coat, and the Crombie greatcoat.

Here are the options I was able to find:'s-Coat/ML00184_____NAVY_40___LG__,default,pd.html

I am leaning toward the Crombie coat but am unsure about the blue, would prefer a navy. Also, I was wondering if you guys thought it might be too flamboyant. I am also unfamiliar with the slim fit aspect of the coat, I prefer a trim but classic fit. Does anyone have experience with the Crombie coat?

The O'Connell's color while authentic perhaps is not my taste, and the Brooks Brothers is too expensive for RTW. I'll pay that much for bespoke not BB.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thks!
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No one interested in helping a poor soul like me?

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If you are looking for warmth in a very cold climate, like Chicago where I used to live,
"slim fit" is not the way to go-- unless you are very slim. There should be some room
in the coat between your jacket and or sweater and the coat. I really like the
blue officers coats, but they are a bit "costumey". The British Warm is also a miltary coat,
but looks more civilian, perhaps because it has been worn since at least World War II
by civilians. When I lived in Chicago, I wore a 32 0z, crombie cloth Warm from Chipp
(WInston Tailors) who still did RTW, a "monster" double breasted raglan sleeved
melton great coat from Invertere (now gone). This coat is similar in cut to the whipcoard
one from O'Connells. I also wore a cashmere/wool; blend top coat from Burberry when
temperatures rose ( relatively ). More specifically, I think O'Connells offers the best selection
of different types of dress coats. You also have to consider how formal a look you want.
O'Connells Raglan overcoat might be a good compromise.
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I like the Crombie or the BB. Both look very warm.
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I agree with you about the slim fit, I thought the same.  Since I am looking for warmth, I'll continue searching for something from maybe O'Connell's.  I did sense that the officer's coat might be a little costumey, but it is pretty close to authentic military designs so maybe it is passable--I'm unsure.


Thanks for your expert advice! 

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I'd agree that slim fit in a cold climate is probably not a good option. I live in Canada and I find a more generous cut heavy wool double breasted coat is good for layering underneath. I also would try to get one with a higher button stance, some of the single breasted coats I've seen seem to have the lapels cut so that the coat does not start to button until it's practically half-way down your chest.
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I have a parka for unbearably cold weather, but of course I do not find it very attractive. The single breasted topcoats I have are too light for the stinging cold, so I need a double breasted heavy coat like a British warm.


But O'Connell's seem to rather too bland. The BB is fine, just exorbitantly expensive, and I'd feel like a sucker if I bought that--plus it doesn't appear to be very warm.


The crombie is good, a little much with the ulster collar but I like it.  The problem is the slim fit--and I can't exactly hop over to the UK for another six months. Does anyone know if Crombie has made this coat in a classic fit?

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I would go for the Brooks Brothers coat.

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Brooks Brothers coat

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