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Alden Re-Heel gone wrong

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I bought some Alden Indy's on here a couple weeks ago that were in pretty good condition but needed a re-heel.  I took them into a cobbler that was reputable on yelp, and to my dismay, he completely borked my shoes.  I no longer want this cobbler to touch my boots to fix any of his mistakes, but what do you think the best course of action would be for this guy to pay up for an Alden refurbish, which carries a price tag of $150 (i think).


I was running late for work and did not fully inspect the damage at the shop.  This is what I found. 

The main damage.  He routed way too deep into the cork sole.

Pounded nails too deep into the shoe to the point where they're sticking out into the shoe.

Did not fix a stitch I had paid to be repaired.

Used brown shoe polish so the contrast stitching is now dyed. 

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That looks rough man. uhoh.gif
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Last I heard Alden recrafting had a 2 month+ wait on recrafting. B. Nelson might be a better option, and a few bucks cheaper. Don't let that cobbler touch your shoes again.
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You're probably going to need someone to reheel the shoe to deal with the nails (presumably) poking into your feet from inside. Might as well let them resole the whole shoe at the same time, given the look of the sole where it's been cut deeply and let them try to clean up the constrast stitches (presumably with some acetone/solvent & a q-tip, and trying to be very careful about it). Given how much needs to be done, letting the manufacturer deal with it might actually be the most cost-effective option.


How you deal with the cobbler is another matter, though. Personally, I'd certainly point the problems out, hear what he suggests and try to get him to pay for the manufacturer to fix it... but I rather doubt he will agree to that. Instead, he'll probably offer to fix them for free himself. The ball's then in your court whether you accept that offer or not, and what you do/don't do in terms of taking it further thereafter.

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B. Nelson could fix most of that, as could Sky Valet in Washington, DC, and probably Resole America, among others.
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