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Crockett & Jones vs Ferragamo

Poll Results: Ferragamo vs Crocket & Jones

  • 55% (5)
    Crockett & Jones
  • 44% (4)
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Both of these pairs have caught my interest for my first pair of relatively nice shoes:,default,pd.html


and these


I hear C&J are some of the best you can get, but are they worth the extra $100 here? They'll take a little more effort to get since they're only available at Barney's NY in Chicago. What do you guys think? It's b/w English and Italian Craftsmanship here.

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The C+Js are the better made shoe, no doubt about it. Value for money wise those Ferragamos don't really hold a candle to the English makers. Given this choice I'd pay the extra $100.

In short, C+J are Goodyear welted - many advantages such as ability to replace sole, more waterproof... the SF pair look to be Blake Rapid, basically a cheaper (though lighter) construction. Harder to replace soles, probably less durable over long term, and not as waterproof.

Some of the fabled shoe experts on here may chime in with more detail.
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Those C&J's benchgrade's are built to a much higher standard than those Ferragamo's. Basically the only thing Ferragamo produces that is of comparable quality to anything from C&J is there Tramezza line which is usually $800+ - it's more or less the same quality as C&J Handgrades. Having had a few pairs, I can highly reccomend the C&J's

The leather on those Ferragamo's will not hold up well in the long run - I've seen them in person and they aren't as nice as in the pictures.
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C & Js are not the best one can get, but in this toss-up between the two, C and J would be the choice. Still, don't order blind, especially if it's your first time. Go try it on for size etc.
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The SF have a thin rubber sole which is good when it rains. The SF have a soft leather and can look stubby to some eyes. The CJ are a little pointier. If this is going to be your only captoe, you may get more use out of the CJ. Nordstrom carries the fantino. Syd Jerome in Chicago also carries the fantino and is a good deal when they have their 50% off sale. Their regular price may also be less than the NM price.
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