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American Crew Pomade trouble

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I have a short hair cut, and very thick hair (guy), my dilemma is that I can never get the desired style I want, or it gets ruined an hour later



It's hard to explain but where your hair starts growing in the crown area, it gets very poofy, even after it gets thinned out at the barber, and instead of the hair get poofier as it goes up to the front of the hairline, it starts poofy then gets matted down more


i'm just babbling, lets get to my issue 



I shower, shampoo, get out, towel dry until it's a little moist, then apply pomade and get my desired look, then after about an hour or 2 later, my hair poofs up around the back and looks terrible, can anyone tell me how after I apply my pomade when my hair is a little moist, I can keep it like that for the whole day? I've tried hair spray and blowing dry my hair downwards, (I usually don't blow dry) 


But nothing really seems to work, the only time is if I don't shower the next day then it's naturally matted down, then my hair kind of works the way I want it too


EDIT: I don't have a cowlick in the back

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Wave cap maybe?

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Maybe you need something stronger than pomade, like this:

American Crew identifies it as high-hold, where as the pomade is classified as medium-hold.

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American Crew pomade is not very good for holding your hair in positions it doesn't want to be in. I use it to give a slightly wet look and define the part in my hair, but the general way my hair falls is the same without pomade. That doesn't sound like that's the case for you. Try a heavier product with a stronger hold. Alternatively, stop shampooing and just wash with water and scrub your scalp; the weight of natural oils may keep the poof from returning.
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You should probably try washing your hair less (I do mine once every 4 days) and like c00kz said just rinse the other days. Start the cycle with a heavier product like (if you're going for something that isn't actual petroleum pomade) American Crew grooming cream then switch to the pomade after a day or two.

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Wash your hair less, and put in Murray's pomade. The oil/scent of the product leaves with the shower, so apply before you shower. Nothing poofs with Murray's.
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