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Electronic new wave music - bringing back some memories.



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These are sounds best heard coiling the molded yellow of a Sony Walkman -- but this will do for now.
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One day, I'm going to buy an old warehouse in the middle of nowhere, set up a giant wall of speakers and sit in bliss in front of them as I relax and have my lungs shaken out of my body.




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Did not realise that Cynic had released a new album. Nice.
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Oh and I'd never heard this version before. Frikken great.
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I don't know if you guys are into girl bands, but I am currently listening to HAIM and their debut album Days Are Gone. I love every track in this album and the lead singer (the middle sister) is cute shog[1].gif

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A bit tame for my tastes, not that that's a bad thing.


I have a huge soft spot for DNB with female vocalists.






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right this minute
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Thom Yorke surprises by suddenly dropping a new album - electronica + vocals, and pretty damn good it is too IMHO:



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Seeing Mala, Coki & Truth tonight :slayer:




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Mobius Band- Heaven, the sounds reminds me of the holidays

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Not sure how many of you were or are into garage punk and/or hc punk, but I've been rediscovering some of the bands I used to listen to back in Jr High...Maximum Rock n Roll zine anyone? Terminal Boredom? I'm going back to my parents house for Thanksgiving and can't wait to dig through all my old 7"s and LP's that I haven't yet sold off.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

early 2000's goodies


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Older stuff




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