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^ Philly represent! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Big fan of their last album. They were supposed to play a show here opening for the Walkmen a few weeks ago, but it ended up being canceled. All good, though, because now they're headlining two shows at a smaller venue next month.

Saw these guys recently:
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Finding a long lost copy of Supermodified at the bottom of a box, best thing I did today.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Saw him live a few months ago, was real cool.  Not sure if anyone but me would be into this but: 



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If anybody is in Charlotte, Saint Paul, or Philly in March, go check out City & Colour. Granted, he's playing with pink so that's a downer, but I'm going to stay for his set then duck out. Saw him in Richmond over summer, and he's definitely my favorite artist.

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Two of the better mixtapes this year:

From Freddie Gibbs's Baby Face Killa (Gary, Indiana)
"BFK" prod. M-80
From IamSu!'s Suzy Six Speed (Richmond, Cali)
"All I Rep" prod. Kuya Beats, IamSu!
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Word, that's some good ish. I dig Freddie Gibbs.

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And this year is the 20th anniversary of UGK's debut album. Here's a little mini documentary featuring various artists.
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Might have to go back and listen to some Ridin' Dirty. Hell of an album.

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Between You and Me "Fairies"


Andy Stott live in the Boiler Room


Lee Burridge @ Lightning in a bottle 2010


my favourite mix:
Nicolas Jaar - Essential Mix (NO BBC Edit)

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nice. getting rid of pete fucking tong on the essential mix is a great thing. He is so annoying.
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breezy and anybody else that likes house; new fake blood album's so good: http://www.muzikzip.com/fake-blood-cells-2012-rapidshare-zippyshare-download/

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this is perhaps a little too instagramy but whatevs, I like the vibe it emanates. Those Scandis sure know how to come up with nostalgia-infused pop


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Phenomenal stuff from Nicolas Jaar. Hadn't heard that one before.

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sup Jacques
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