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Some stuff i've been listening to lately:



Berntholer were a band from Brussels around in the mid 80s.  Not really sure how to describe this..., pretty sad / melancholic..., reminds me of This Mortal Coil. Video is weirdly cool - just lots of wandering around among sculpture / environmental art. I find myself repeating this a lot.



Vatican Shadow is the guy from Prurient. Really weird project. Kind of 'meta commentary' of post-9/11 in a Tom Clancy novel / most-wanted Iraqi playing cards / Fox News polemic headline sort of way.  Similar to Prurient - pretty dark and brooding..., repetition.  Beats that sound like they've been re-recorded several times.  Dirty bass line.



Something like gaseous ambient goth pop realms ...reclaimed 80s stock sounds. Reminds me of winter in Berlin. With repeated listens i always go up a volume notch each time. waaaaaah.




Ramleh are probably my favourite 'noise' group / duo.  Not really so into the power electronics stuff they did which i find unlistenable, but the Hole in the Heart release is so good.  This track is particularly beautiful and usually leaves me pretty exhausted. Perfect tones.

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^ that Wes Montgomery track is so good. 


I've been listening to summery chill-pop lately. 



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Sat next to the lead singer in my Intro to Psych class freshman year. Few years later, I see him getting reviewed on Pitchfork and doing Baron Wells ads. Crazy.


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the lemonade station on pandora was killer this morning. a few of my favorites:

and the track that started the set off:
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this album a lot recently

autre ne veut
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josephine foster

it has a nice late summer evening vibe to it, reminds me of when i used to live in asheville. discovered after reading this review:

i really enjoy where creative people, often musicians, are reviewing music
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I'm in love with this.
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wasn't sure if this should go in the 'food' thread.


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I cannot seem to stop listening to this song. The singer (Emma Ruth Rundle) also plays in the band Red Sparowes

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

wasn't sure if this should go in the 'food' thread.

cover is amazing.
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Bunch of new releases by Ben Frost. For people who are into industrial soundscapes.

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today I have Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou 8-10 times I am not so cool. I don't even dress well.
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