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Originally Posted by iamacyborg View Post

Seeing Raiden tomorrow, amongst others.

Nice to see some DnB heads in here.
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This show made me deaf last night, so might as well post a song
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It was pretty awesome, got to talk to the lead singer George for a bit after the show, he was a cool guy
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never heard of these guys before. love it.
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downloaded that album yesterday, mad jealous of you sev
also, they we're playing "our love comes back" in a store downtown nod[1].gif

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Just finished reading Kafka on The Shore a few days ago—which is, I swear, one of those books you just put down at the end as your eyes glaze over and stare blankly in awe into the void—so here's a batch of Murakami-inspired tunes to enjoy.

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one of my favs too
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That Coltrane is great, I love how many schmaltzy movie songs get incorporated into the jazz canon. Regardless, My Favorite Things is one of my favorite songs. So here's some of that.

Brubeck - My Favorite Things

Grant Green - My Favorite Things

The Supremes - My Favorite Things (I love everything about this recording. It's so cool and so cheesy.)

Outkast - My Favorite Things

Brubeck - Alice in Wonderland

Bill Evans - Someday My Prince Will Come

Grant Green - Someday My Prince WIll Come (fav version)

Oscar Peterson - When I Fall In Love

Miles Davis - Stella by Starlight

Pat Metheny - Alfie

also Bill Evans

And because you posted Astrud Gilberto, here's my favorite from her. Something about Jobim's backing vocals is really sweet, imo.

And a cool version of that by Sergio Mendes

And you posted Beethoven so I feel a little justified in including this
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now you're speaking my language. 



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just remembered how much I like this video
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Can´t find any youtube clips, but this David Lang album is probably the best music ive head this year
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