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wow caught me off guard that's like really good.
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His voice took me some getting used to, but once I got past that I really started vibing.
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get his mixtape "10 Day" too. Shit's wavy.
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^For real that and his feature on Wendy and Becky is what got me on him. So many good mixtapes out of new artists.
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Damn, Pusha Man goes from super peppy to covering Chicago summer violence.
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If I can't enjoy a rapper's delivery, it pretty much kills it for me, regardless of lyrical content and/or production. Hrmm Jay-Z's $100 bill off the Great Gatsby soundtrack has been leaked/released. Not terribly impressed. The xx song off that soundtrack is pretty good though.
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Nardwuar amuses me.
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goddamn, this is incredible some techno, house infused bass music
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^ I want to drive along Special Stage Route 5 in Gran Turismo while listening to that lol

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Tame Impala covers OutKast and it's pretty awesome.
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dude on the keys actually sounds like Andre.

Btw, rap fans should watch that Nardwuar vs Questlove. Probably his best interview ever. Shit was dense.
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Anyone else super excited that Neutral Milk Hotel reunited for a tour??? bounce2.gif
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I've seen VSnares live a couple times, seriously disappointing. Bong Ra and Enduser on the other hand, now that's some good live breakcore.


Got tickets to see The Bug in June, been a little over a year since I saw him, and it's at Koko, so my lungs are in for one hell of a workout. Shame it's not at Corsica like the last time, Koko just isn't quite dirty enough.


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