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No idea if anyone here ever listens to this type of dubstep, but I'm pretty excited for Eptics new album

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post





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perfect no matter how many times I come back to it....
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My vinyl collection so far and how I showcase it :)
(finished putting up the shelves just a few minutes ago)

(got GKMC on the way + another planned purchase once it drops this fall from a swedish artist)

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looks great but you need a mousepad!

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Finally got a pair of headphones (Brainwavz HM5) after having used earbuds for as long as I can remember. The difference is incredible.


Best recent album I found is Tim Hecker's Love Streams, which borrows the title of one of Cassavetes's best.



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Originally Posted by Mazzasan View Post

Really digging Deakin's new album. 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





here are some deakin sneakers for you to wear while listening to deakin's new album

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

cool ad! crazy to think they've been around for 25 yrs

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Really not feeling the Anohni album, the OPN/Lopatin production is good but otherwise too much talking about drone strikes and Guantanamo and not enough singing. The Obama track is like a really really bad Laurie Anderson impersonation. I'm pretty biased against musicians talking politics but I've no idea how anyone can look past this. And I see by the acclaim plenty of critics have. So as an aside, why aren't there any Harold Bloom camp critics who don't mix aesthetics with politics. Musicians should get automatic minuses for recycling MSNBC talking points, and even more revolting are critics who like an album because they agree with its politics, I feel like there's some ethical breach here. I haven't read any reviews but I'm assuming this is the case as this can't possibly be one of his best given the music alone.


Edit: Read some reviews and most of them just describe the album without actually saying anything. The ones that lavish praise like The Guardian are pretty dumb. How can anyone call this a profound protest record? It protests but in what way is it profound? Her perspective is naive and utterly uninteresting. I'm a big OPN fan and can hear some of the same Garden of Delete production here but the political stuff is just too distracting. And if she wants to shame Obama's policies, why the hell would you release a record like that now? To discourage even more impressionable young liberals from voting in November? The Guardian reviewer being British can perhaps be sympathized with but this P4K quote just killed me:


HOPELESSNESS places Anohni alongside radical pop provocateurs like M.I.A., artists who propose difficult questions that mainstream America does not want to ask because it would not know what to do with the answers.


This guy's a little out of the loop if he finds any of the stuff here provocative, and probably still thinks M.I.A. knew what she was doing.

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maybe read the review before calling ethical breach and making assumptions.


i didn't like the album either. she is performing at fyf this year so might check that out.

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Texas y'all...
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The case/lang/veirs album is decent if you're eager for some Neko Case. I don't listen to the other two and it's not as good as Case's solo stuff but there are some nice tracks.


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new avalanches album is excellent imo, but only available on apple music atm (there's a 3 month free trial if you haven't used it yet)


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