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For any fans of Akira: Bwana, Capsule Pride

Whole thing is here.

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enjoying the new field album


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a couple times a year i come back to this song, specifically the version in this video

picture sucks, sound is clipped, don't care
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Really digging Deakin's new album. 


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Any one have recs on synth pop sounding songs/acts similar to la roux? I really like that uptight downtown song.
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Good stuff

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^What'd you guys think of Coloring Book? I've been a huge Chance stan for 3 years, saw him play at a small bar during the early 10 Day days, and bumped Acid Rap non-stop but didn't like the new album a lot.  Some songs really stuck out to me (Summer Friends, No Problemz) but it didn't feel nearly as cohesive to me as an album as Acid Rap was and it seemed like a lot of songs he just matched to the features. I might be too stuck on him keeping his "old sound," but he's got such a good unique style it was upsetting to hear him pretending to be Young Thug /Future. I actually enjoyed Mixtape and Smoke Break a lot though but not really what I wanted coming from him.  

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New Ace is alright, not as good as anticipated, but this cut is raw.


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I love Chance too (seen him 5 times lol), but I'd agree that parts of Coloring book fell a little flat for me. There are some really fun songs, but there were a number that just didn't grab me (Same Drugs, Blessings, a few others). I'm hoping those other tracks will grow on me over future listens. Overall I think it's a good album, just not on the "great" level that Acid Rap was IMO
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I've seen him five times as well and it sounds like we're in the same boat. I've gone through the album quiet a few times now and found myself skipping 3/4ths of the songs. 


edit: also see you're in Missouri. I gotta get out of here haha

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new james blake album is also out. it's lengthy (70+ minutes) but pretty solid end to end imo. for the LA folks, he's got a show tonight at the belasco



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