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This is a big deal but not nearly as big a deal as other very bad things that could happen and I have to say, lots of people are not handling it well. And for many the hardship is very great to be sure but if something really massivel disruptive happens, this experience makes me wonder how long it would be before society collapses.

From some of the comments of the many entitled on-demand me-first people I have encountered, I think that is about 5-7days. If anything goes wrong and the electric is not back up in NYC by 11PM Sat as Con Ed has advised... we could be testing your hypothesis.
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I just know that my local cafe uses stumptown coffee and is having a hard time getting beans in because they *were* being roasted in red hook
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can a mod please merge these threads?
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been posting this on as many sites as possible that I'm a part of

Hey guys I just wanted to pass this along regarding a relief effort for my hometown. I work for the NIA, which is a not-for-profit organization and we do a lot of good in the community with both children and adults. We are working on donations locally which include food, clothing, toiletries, pet supplies, medical supplies and monetary donations. My fiancé's area was hit pretty hard as well as some of my family members so personally it means a lot to me and I want to pass this along to as many people as possible. At the site you'll see a link to make a donation through PayPal.
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