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One shoe is lighter than the other - deglaze and dye?

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So I thought I found a good deal on Santoni goodyears with double soles at $180.

The shoes come in and one looks a little lighter than the other. I search on styleforum and evidently this happens often with display shoes.

So I walk on over to B. Nelson to ask him. I never remember the guy's name (sorry Nick) but he looks like a Latin American Nick. Anyway, he tells me how the color is applied in layers and how polishing it might not make it match still. And he nonchalantly says it looks strange and almost like two pairs of shoes were mixed up. Well they write the style number inside the shoe and it certainly is the same.

I'm a little peeved the seller didn't mention this. He just said it was new.

Anyway, I should have asked if B Nelson could just re-dye it but I didn't. Any thoughts on this? Otherwise I saw a ton of threads by guys like Rider who use deglaser and dye it after but this isn't my preferred route since I haven't done this before.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Good deal

Just wear and polish both with darker colored polish.
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They can certainly be redyed. I personally wouldn't do it myself on a good pair of shoes such as those.

You might try a few coats of dark brown cream polish on the lighter pair. (after a thorough conditioning). It can always be stripped off in the redye process anyway.

Have you tried to get a refund? Doesn't seem like you should have to accept that much variation.
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Yeah I wrote the guy and he said I can send them back. We didn't discuss return shipping. It does bug me that he really didn't mention anything about this from the beginning.

I just didn't know if between the low cost and the kind of dye job Ron would do if it makes sense to keep them, especially if I don't have to go to the post office which I hate with a passion.
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Handsome shoes.

Agree about the post office.

I would redye them or whatever if all else about the pair is in order.
They look a little creased but no biggie.

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Originally Posted by doug funnie View Post


8 on label, fits closer to 8.5
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i wouldn't sweat it. no one's gonna notice the color difference except you. using dark color polish/wax will in time make the color uniform.
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