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Less Expensive Brown Dress Shoes

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I am looking to buy some cheaper less expensive brown dress shoes. The purpose is weekly church attendance, and then the very occasional other dress up event that might occur, if that helps. Usually will just be worn with grey or navy slacks, maybe once per month with a navy suit.


I am thinking darker brown as opposed to a lighter walnut or something (even thought I love that color) just to try and be a bit more formal. Lighter seems more casual... right?


Here is my dilemma. I am like many people and just can't afford tons of money. So I kind of would like my cake, and to eat it too. Is there such thing as a "best bang for your buck" darker brown shoe?


I don't want to pay for the BMW of brown shoes if it's just in the name, but I'm not looking for a $50 pair either. I won't be wearing them everyday, so they should last a while. I don't have a set price in mind, but if I were able to find something between $100-$150, or $200 as a max for something I would just love, that would be great. Tell me if I'm asking for too much.

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Go try on some AE's and figure out your size. Then wait for a used pair to go up on eBay and snatch them up.

You could also go with Johnston & Murphy...but you'll need to replace them within the next two years, and you'll end up spending more money than if you had gotten the AE's (which will last you quite a while)

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Allen Edmonds - Dark Brown Park Avenues.
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Great suggestions guys. I have noticed that EVERYONE hear loves these Allen Edmonds. I have never heard of them, but they must be something special.

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