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Walking my daughter down the aisle in a casual, rustic wedding.

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My daughter's wedding is in December, outside.  They are going for a casual, rustic style.  She will be wearing an elegant knee length white dress with cowboy boots.  Her attendants will be in fig/maroon.  Her groom and the groomsmen will be wearing boots, jeans with brown corduroy jackets with maroon ties.
Honestly, I'm not at all thrilled with by the corduroy jackets with ties, but at least my daughter will look beautiful.  My daughter would like me to stay within the theme.  That's no problem, as jeans and a suit jacket or sport coat is pretty much my daily wardrobe.  And I'm certainly no stranger to cowboy boots.  But I would normally never wear a tie with jeans, and corduroy is out of the question.
What can I do to keep within the theme, but still look good for my daughter?  I'm thinking nice jearns, starched white shirt and either a black or dark blue suit jacket with black boots.  But would it be ok to not wear a tie given all the groomsmen and groom will be in ties?  And can I wear a black suit jacket, or given the theme and it being outside, should I go with a more textured jacket.  If I go with a tie, what style of tie would work?
Appreciate any thoughts.
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Anything goes with that theme....
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Given that its your daughter's big day, I would make an effort to wear something consistent with the theme. Regardless of the type of coat chosen, I would certainly wear a tie.

I've had to wear my share of egregious paisley waistcoats and purple cummerbunds of the couple's choosing, but one must defer to their wishes for the occasion.
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Ask her what you should wear. I'm sure that she has an image of what she wants everything to look like.

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Bolo tie
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How about a nice earth-toned tweed jacket? A lot of fellows like the tweed jacket and jeans look, and it would certainly look less anomalous than a suit coat with jeans.

I note this is the second thread to come up recently involving an outdoor wedding in December, which makes me suspicious of trollery, unless you are posting from someplace like Australia.
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If possible I would try to take your daughter shopping with you. Take her to lunch, let her talk about whatever and enjoy the time.


That way you know she will happy with what you are wearing and you can feel good about it as well.  

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Black suit with cowboy boots - go for the Johnny Cash all black country look - with a crisp white shirt and black tie.

Or tweed jacket with elbow patch and well-tailored green/brown corduroy pants and a pair of classic LWB.
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I agree with the guys here, a tweed sports coat and jeans would be good.

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Hmm not sure about the jeans theme, I'm from the country and even in Australia we would never wear jeans to a casual wedding. If you had to go casual you would wear moleskins in their place (RM Williams of course), but of course each country is different.

If you're going the country theme, may as well stick to it right through. The white shirt or black jacket idea are very clashing levels of formality with the jeans.

Something like the following would be what I'd wear in your situation-
Tweed Sportcoat
A blue or finely checked shirt
Woollen tie
5 pocket moleskins or jeans if you must
A pair of brown derby brogues (longwing or shortwing wont matter).
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Thanks everyone.  This gives me some good ideas.  I especially like the suggestion to go shopping with my daughter.

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