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weasel fur?

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I was checking out a kiton jacket and I noticed it was lined in weasel fur.

Any idea the quality of weasel fur?
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Weasels are related to stoats and minks and their fur is well known to provide warmth. I don't know all of the advantages of the benefits, unfortunately.
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Haven't seen weasel fur. I saw a nice high-end leather jacket lined with possum fur. It was very soft and had a nice sheen. I would never have guessed it was possum.
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The stoat is type of weasel; its fur is ermine, which sees extensive use on traditional/ceremonial robes and the like. For example, the number of rows of white ermine tails on peers' Robes of State is used to indicate their rank (eg a Baron has two whereas an Earl has three).


It feels very soft but dense. I suspect it would be very warm indeed; I rather like it.

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Yes, the winter fur of the stoat or short-tailed weasel is a fine fur! I am surprised that opossum fur looks and feels so good. The opossums I commonly see look like rather scruffy animals.

Real people wear real fur!
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Pictures? smile.gif
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Weasel is soft as shit. I had a weasel lined jacket once. Amazing.
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Isn't that the stuff that's on the floor after (insert Romney or Obama here, depending on your preference) gets a haircut? 

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