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Thanks all. Can anyone speak to the quality of the shoes from Suit Supply? There's not much detail in the item description online.

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I've heard the quality of SS shoes is not particularly good and doesn't live up to that of the rest of their stock so I'd advise you stay away and go for a pair from a shoemaker.

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Originally Posted by kturpin View Post

Thoughts on ... Charles Tyrwhitts?

I would not recommend them, as I own them; they crease quite easily, and the shape looks highly dorky and not sharp. It's a shame, too, at the price! I would defo recommend Meermin!
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holts is having a 40% off sale right now including select shoes... I think there are a few monks in there.
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Both A.Testoni and Mezlan are bullshit :D

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Adding some of my Toronto specific experience in case anyone happens on this thread via search.


Basically, Toronto is a wasteland for men's shoes. Seems like quality shoes are not a priority for the men of Toronto. Most guys in my circles (this is all the way up to board members at the big five and partners at the big four) either buy the cheap, rubber soled wares of Aldo/Browns/Town Shoes, or, if splurging, are happy to spend north of $500 for the typical Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo crap.


Holt, Harry and David's have done nothing to educate the men of Toronto on this. Instead they sell cheap shoes with brand names and crap construction ... likely for the high margins. This is a generalization, but mostly true.


So where to buy quality shoes in Toronto?


Budget:(< 500)

- Loding has two stores in TO (one on Avenue, one in the Path at First Canadian Place)

- Sydney's and Gravity Pope on Queen sell Grenson (decent for price, especially on sale)

- I don't mind the Varvatos shoes that are welted and made in italy if you can get them on sale (Gravity Pope, Holt)

- Alden and Allen Edmonds can be found most places (Rego, Harry, etc)


Mid Range ($500 - $1000)

- Leatherfoot sells Carmina

- Garrison bespoke also sells Carmina

- Nasser Vies does bespoke for under a grand I believe


Luxury (($1000+)

- Robert Jones in the Path (RBC) sells Edward Green, John Lobb and Santoni's Goodyear line

- Leatherfoot in Yorkville carries Saint Crispin's, John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, and Rider Boots ... bonus is they carry a good selection of Saphir shoecare products

- I believe Via Cavour carries Scarpe Di Bianco (LOVE Di Bianco shoes but they seem harder and harder to come by)

- V Yorkville has some gorgeous shoes (I can't remember makes off hand ... I know they carry Santoni among others)


OP - probably too late for you. My advice (assuming you want to try the shoes on in person and buy local) would be to go for Loding if on a budget. But I'd encourage you to stretch your budget and aim for Carmina's. Best value in shoes, IMHO.


Hope this helps! Would love to hear from other's in the Big Smoke and their experiences finding quality shoes.

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^ definitely appreciated, thanks!
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Thanks Master-Classter!


A few other thoughts that came to me at lunch.


- Brooks Brothers has decent shoes if you can get behind the conservative styling (AE and Edward Green - so mid and luxe priced)

- J.Crew have an Alfred Sargent collab I believe

- Gravity Pope also carries Church's (not my cup of joe)

- If Common Projects trainers (LOVE) are of interest, they can be had at Nomad (Queen W) or Gravity Pope (GP has more selection and availability)

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Those are great lists however you're right. We blow for shoes. All of my Allen Edmonds shoes I got from the states. Even with duty and taxes etc it's still cheaper than buying in Toronto.
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Originally Posted by 7_rocket View Post

Those are great lists however you're right. We blow for shoes. All of my Allen Edmonds shoes I got from the states. Even with duty and taxes etc it's still cheaper than buying in Toronto.


Agree. Any shoes I've bought locally were deeply discounted.


I have a list of what fits me RTW by makes and lasts - I update this list as often as I try shoes on in my travels. Using this info, I generally order online ... in fact, before anyone was selling Carmina locally I ordered from the Armoury sight unseen. Had to trade 2 pairs to get the size right but even then, said and done it was worth it.

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Great. I'll sub this thread
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Walking on a Cloud on Yonge and Richmond has Loakes, although it's mostly the corrected grain offerings and laughably overpriced.

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I don't know that we can call Toronto a wasteland for shoes any more when we can now get locally:





Ron Rider



John Lobb

Edward Green

Gaziano and Girling

St. Crispin's


Back when all you had was Prada and Ferragamo if you wanted to step up from AE - yes - wasteland - no question.  And if we are talking about what business professionals are actually wearing day to day in the core of the city - yes, wasteland there too. 

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