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I like the Douglas DC-3. I think it is a classic. It would look fantastic paired with a Mercedes-Benz 300 Adenauer and Zero Halliburton luggage Do you have any favorite airplanes?
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goes with this

and this

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Will that be your transport to bomb Apple?
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TS, have you read Skunkworks? If not, it's an excellent story of how Lockheed-Martin's Skunkworks division came up with the SR-71, the F-117, and lots of other interesting things.

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I like your take, LK (especially as regrads the luggage). I will admit, that Tokyo has half of my tie for favorite aeroplane. This is the other: And of course honorable mention must go to the B-36: And the Rockwell B1-B, and the AC-130U, and the late, lamented Concorde -- I used to see Concorde overheard, and it was always a special thing to see. Regards, Huntsman
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Bombing them would be too fast. I was thinking of forcing them to debug a beta version of Vista within an alloted time period or they get slowly broiled to death by the heatlamps I've replaced all their corporate headquarters flourescents with.

Plus there will be a pool full of sharks with friggin lasers on their heads!
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I've been a fan of fighters, particularly the F-15 Eagle. I almost apply for the Air Force Academy solely because I wanted to fly that bad boy. Next to it is probably the F-14 Tomcat, then the F-4 Phantom, and last is the new F-22. F-15: F-14: F-4: F-22: For choppers, I like the AH-64 Apache: Lastly, can't forget the workhorse AC-130:
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The Spitfire. No contest. The Spitfire was also of the last period when there was any sartorial merit connected with flying; I used to love books like Johnnie Johnson's "Wing Leader" when I was a kid, and I built heaps of Airfix plastic models. Do kids still do that? Johnnie Johnson: Johnson and his plane (aces were permitted to paint their initials on their planes): I've also always liked the original DeHavilland Comet: (Bonus shot of the then Prince of Wales there)
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My all time favorite is the B36, followed by the XB70 in a very close second.
The combination of styles in a sort of eclectic vintage mix for me would be:
The B36, modified so that the bomb bay would act as a lift/transport for my automobile. The automobile would be my 1961 Electra 225 maroon color or maybe desert fawn. For the clothing, I'd go with new but with an eye toward vintage look. Brown wool trousers, cream shirt with point collar, brown leather shoes probably a split toe loafer maybe a monk shoe with gold buckle, matching belt, gold buckle. Vintage Hamilton gold watch with matching leather strap or if in a whimsical mood, a vintage Snoopy WWI Flying Ace watch with brown leather strap, and of course, matching leather bomber jacket and tan/beige cashmere scarf. Perfect for the Oshkosh fly-in or arriving at a choice vacation spot.
The ensemble could be topped off with a tie or not and choice of tie would depend on the mood for the occasion.

If I was as adept at locating and displaying images as others I would display the combinations I intend.
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Oh man, airplanes are my passion Hence the username.

My personal favorites (I'm more into civilian airplanes and airliners myself)-

Boeing 747-400. Just because it's the 747.

Boeing 767-300. It just looks good.


Boeing 777-200. Quite possibly the most menacing airliner there is


Airbus A330-200. It's a graceful airplane.


Bombardier Global Express. The best business jet out there.


And of course, my very favorite of all time. Concorde, the true queen of the skies.

Ok, I'll stop now
It's nice to see a topic about airplanes here on SF.


EDIT- wow, sorry about the huge file sizes. Thanks Wikipedia. My Google image search is deciding not to work today.
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Say JetBlast, How do you feel about the Boeing 727?
I always thought that three engine design was quite good looking.
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The 727 is another classic, I just couldn't find a suitable picture She is a beautiful airplane, especially the 727-200.

I'm more into the newer airplanes, only because I don't remember the older aircraft. I was born in 1991 so I wasn't really around during the 707, 727, DC8 age, but I still go out of my way to look for one around the airport when I am out there. I love seeing them!

Long live the classics

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Ahem (P-51 Mustang):

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