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For Sale:
Julius MA Twisted Pants (yeah, those from SS10) - Sz.2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

FS: Julius MA J-Shaped Pant

Never thought I'ld sell these but now since my thighs became too big from biking, these don't fit me anymore. Unfortunately. Great pants that have been worn often but kept in great condition. I have the feeling that those have been built to last a lifetime. Whenever they stretched out during wear, they came out in the original size after a washing. Please keep in mind that these come out failry wide in the waist but are very slim in the thigh. Meant to be worn low on the hips. Rare size, sold out quickly.
Comes with tags.

Colour: black
Material: 95% cotton, 5% PU
Condition: 8/10 (some minor fading on the back seams)
Price: 220€ + shipping / fees

Retail 530 USD (sold out quickly in Sz.2 though)

Google 300PAM5 for more infos / pics or see the link above.

Waist: 41cm // 16.1" (will stretch out if necessary)
Hem: 16cm // 6.3"
Length: long.