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Seeking info on a brand called Vizzari

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Hi all,

I recently visited a boutique here (Australia) where the owner primarily sold Gucci, Armani, D&G and Zegna. He also sold a "house" brand called Vizzari. He said that it was a small company, from Florence, that was little known but good quality.

He claimed to be the sole distributor in Australia (this I don't doubt) and said that they sell primarily in Europe, but also in the USA.

I was really quite impressed by the quality-and the pricing was around half what you would pay for equivilent better known brands.


the thing is, I've been able to turn up LITERALLY NOTHING on Vizzari clothing online!

Has anyone heard of them?



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Think you're speaking about xile :D


I too don't know anything about vizzari, but I did check one of their suits out, my findings:


- very light and comfortable

- "real buttons" - this is a really nice thing imo to have real buttons on the cuffs of the suit (ie the sleeves, you can unbutton)

- it molds to my body (it wasn't tailored, just off the shelf).


This might seem like spam/advertising (since it's my 1st post), but I've done quite a bit of shopping from xile and i like them (service wise and clothes wise). Also like their specials (I only shop when specials time comes...)


When i do commit to a purchase I'll let you know how it goes.

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this smells like spam[1].gif
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I'm a real human :D but can understand why you'd flag it as such. Rest assured, I have nothing to gain from this (materially speaking). I'm actually getting one of their suits on coming Saturday (being adjusted at the moment), I'll see if I can post some pics nxt week.

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hey, went to XILE today and saw their range of Vizzari suits as well. Same thing, can't find anything about them online. How did the suits fair? did they fit and more importantly, were they the good quality promised by the store manager? They look smart, great tailoring and pretty pricey considering they are not a known brand but don't mind paying for good quality

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Noticed the thread so did some googling. Seems like Vizarri is owned by Xile itself. Not so sure about the Florence angle! See two links below.
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