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Everyday Leather Belt

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My everyday leather belt ripped apart this week after having it for a year. It cost $20, looked decent, and keep my pants up as well as I could have wanted. Now I'm looking for a new belt that hopefully will last longer and be of better construction. Do you guys have any recommendations? Some of the belts I'm entertaining are made by Saddleback Leather, Tanner Goods, and Duluth Trading.
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Just ordered a couple belts from equus. Cool thing about these is you get to customize them to a large extent although there is a wait period while they make them. Haven't received them yet so can't comment on quality or anything but reviews have been pretty positive also their customer service is excellent. Their an affiliate so you can check em out (They offer 10% off with styleforum10% coupon)

I also have a Corter belt which is great and i'd recommend it as a good jean belt, but a little too thick for my liking.

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How is Orion so cheap?
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These are custom made in Maine - $38 plus shipping for a standard 1.25"

They make other sizes as well- click on the gallery link to see the other types they make
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If you wnat cheaper check out Everlane.
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Those Orion and Narragansett belts look like they're of great value.
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My Orion natural belt is quite hefty, still breaking it in
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I've had a hollows leather 14oz belt for a couple years now and its great. Best belt I've ever owned.

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Thanks Kyle, glad you're still happy with it. I'd love pictures some day if you get the chance.
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Check out for Ostrich leather belts. This Kickstarter campaign and product will change how you view belts!

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I have the Saddleback old bull belt and like it quite a bit. It's very thick and sturdy; I don't really see it giving out any time soon. And if it does, Saddleback covers it under their 100 year warranty.

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