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I have come to realize that each of these services have their faults. Only the USPS has ever lost a package for me (happened once) or a friend of mine. Yet out of the three major services, they seem to be the most consistently on time. I fine UPS gets delayed all the time and the delivery guy likes to ignore my instructions and leave packages on my apartment doorstep instead of the leasing office. The worse case of this was when I bought a Kindle Fire which comes in a box that clearly states what it has inside. FedEx, on the whole, seems to run on time and not cause me too many issues. The biggest two I have seen with them is that I get constantly charges customs for international orders and it is sometimes not clear if a signature will be required for delivery.
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You are right that the tracking system sucks. Here in Portland though they get priority mail in 2-3. Days so on schedule unless they loose your package. I actually had something new today the item I was receiving and said out for delivery didn't come and my post office got the mailman on the phone and he said I Checked the truck twice it's not there so it turns out my package may have been sorted to the wrong truck very disappointing but they were very helpful and nice about it.

Anyone have that same issue?
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Every time I get a tracking number for a package that is being delivered by USPS, it says "Electronic Shipping Info Received from Shipper". It continues to say that same sentence until after the package is delivered, at which point it is switched to "Package Delivered at Location on [Date]".

Is it just me, or is this the most worthless tracking system?
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I agree USPS is the worst on the planet might not be the worst in the universe though . We should let them go . They are begging to be disbanded . Period there might be one or two people there they care . If it can be screwed up they know how to do it ! They put packages in front of my front door so I can't open it . Stuff mail in my envelope whole let's cold air in my house in the winter . Or leaves my front door open so it bangs back-and-forth in the wind . One day they delivered the wrong mail and I got to it real quick and open the door and I could not tell if the person actually work for the post office they had on street clothes headphones and I have to go tap them on the shoulder because they couldn't hear me with the headphones on . One day they were talking so loud when they were delivering the mail obviously on the Bluetooth talking to someone I thought the police were at my door ready to break it down . So I don't take naps at 3 PM anymore because I'm afraid to wake up thinking someone is breaking down my door when the mail is delivered . I think they are just generally trying to piss us off . I think I am running out of space I have much more to say but it's worthless . If anyone has a suggestion to not have USPS deliver when buying products on the net please let me know I will sign the petition . I wish there was an option when buying products because I will pay more to not use USPS . And FedEx is a close runner up . Once a package was to be delivered on Saturday and they never even came by but listed homeowner was not home and the package was less than $50 . I've had more expensive stuff left on my front step . I called FedEx because they weren't going to close for two more hours and come pick it up at the local warehouse . FedEx headquarters said they were already closed . I have a camera I told them and no one came to my door . The FedEx person on the phone said I'm sorry we missed you ! At that time I was thinking maybe I was talking to some robot . I said are you real and they did not say anything .
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For quite some time I would get tracking numbers and they would update and they would say delivered. But there was no box on my property thinking it had been stolen or misdelivered I called USPS customer service . They filed a claim the next day it showed up . This was happening every time I had a package coming it would say delivered and no package was there. So after the third time I got someone who actually knows something at customer service . In customer service said they sent the postal inspector to Richmond Virginia to tell the delivery people not to check delivered before the package was delivered . You would think this is common sense but you are wrong . It is productivity ! Productivity at the customer service representatives expense . Customer service is tracking this misdelivered package they think when it is actually the carrier who has just gotten the package and selected delivered . This happened about three more times and has not happened since . I'm thinking the reason the tracking numbers don't work anymore is due to something like this . It is not being scanned like some kind of union game they are playing in the post office . Who knows what's going on there . I'm glad I have voice to text with my Kindle . Otherwise I would not be wasting my time Bahá
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I have much more to say but it's worthless .
This can't be true.
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Originally Posted by SixOhNine View Post

This can't be true.

At least it's timely.
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