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When to wear a three piece suit?

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When would you recommend wearing a three piece suit?

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The Three Piece Suit should be worn on some special occassions for instance Wedding and Corporate Parties etc.I would prefer to wear it on weddings.

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I am a firm believer that you can wear (nearly)anythign you want, whenever you want. I wear a three piece usually during the cooler months and fall. rules are meant to be broken, wear it when you feel like you want to add that extra bit of style to your dress.

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Originally Posted by Sherlock Holmes View Post

When would you recommend wearing a three piece suit?


Whenever you can and want.

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24/7 although if you occasionally go to bed I would recommend taking it off.
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I would recommend you to wear them as often as possible mwink[1].gif , or at least as often as you like. I wear three-piece suits in my normal day-to-day rotation. It's great on chilly days, the waistcoat does give some extra warmth. Also, if you tend to take your jacket off when working in the office, you still look much more dressed with a waistcoat that with only a shirt and tie.
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I get all my single breasted suits made with vests (and braces/suspenders) though my suits tend to run conservative otherwise (no windowpanes, mostly dark solids with surface texture, etc.) I love the look and wear the vest whenever the weather allows and the mood strikes me. I suppose it lets you wear suits in a bit colder weather as well though that is just a happy byproduct. You don't need a special occasion though I would not wear it to an interview. Also I work in an environment where I can wear I can dress how I like and am essentially my own boss, I might not be so enthusiastic about them if my environment was different. Different strokes, etc.

I feel like the vest often goes unnoticed with my jacket buttoned. It's more subtle than you would think.

I personally feel that a vested suit looks better with braces but others may disagree.
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I wear one when I need to wear a suit, or wants to wear a suit, given the weather allows.
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wear them when Cassiopeia aligns itself with Jupiter and form a shape of a dolphin in the skies... and always listen to SF people.


btw, did anyone tell you Hugo Boss sucks....

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Whenever it's cool enough to do so.  

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What I can tell you is don't wear the 3-piece suit during summer.

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Whenever you want.
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I own two 3 piece suits, one in tweed. I wear them in the cooler months and rotate them in with the rest of my suits. I probably wear one of them every two weeks. I'd like to add more to my collection, so any future suits I buy will likely be 3 piece.
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The waistcoat was created in the 19th century to keep the body warm in the cooler months so wear them as such. I always advocate dressing according to the weather, so wear the third piece when it gets chilly and not for formal occasions , wwhich may be inthe summer and end up sweating your ass off,
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