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Couple of questions...


I acquired a pair of Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan Longwings.


So this is what I know so far about these...


Florsheim Imperial

The Kenmoor (Style# 93605)

Longwing Bluchers in Brown Cordovan


I found a Florsheim ad with all the information I needed just by plugging in the style number into google. While doing research on how to clean/care for them though,  I came across a guide that talks lists the different Shell Cordovan styles and number 93605 is listed as  Color #8, however, in the ad, Florsheim calls it BROWN CORDOVAN. What am I missing here?


I thought Color #8 was a burgundy?


I posted pics in another thread earlier and someone said they were Burgundy but appeared to be faded.


Best way I could describe the color is a cross between Burgundy and Brown. But I dont know, will one of you experts enlighten me?


Question 2

Anyone know how to decipher the codes inside the shoes?

Im curious to know what the 600316 code means as well as the 18 or /8 at the end.


Any help is appreciated