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Thanks, I use a steamer rather than iron but will try your suggestion, it had just arrivEd so maybe thats why

Also the more mc points I break for suiting the better like buttoning only top one on 3b :-)

Edit: I don't mean this in a dismissive way, I like to learn about the formalities involved in tailortailored goods. But i ignore because I don't care for other than yohji suiting etc
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Carry on

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Devoa has always had stacking on their suit pants. If anything it's become a little more restrained. The ramie suits available from the last two S/S seasons had matched jodphurs for the trousers. Which does give rather odd proportions.


Label Under Construction silk suit


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I like that, but it's a little awkward where the shaft of the boot meets the trousers
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Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

I feel like Devoa's proportions are getting a little too exaggerated- the pagoda shoulders plus super slim pant hems ends up looking odd to me. Which is sad, because I want to like more of the suiting.

In comparison, a Nutter suit would have balanced the strong shoulders with more flared trousers.

tbh anything tapered is starting to look really unflattering to my eye, but I think that's because I'm so used to looking at clothes from a buyer's perspective: when you have an ass like mine you simply cannot go below a 7 inch hem.
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Flared trousers. eh?


Early Devoa.

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yeah that looks fantastic
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and would look great with those suit jackets, IMO.
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I just want trousers cut like IS, with 7.5" straight openings. Would balance it a lot more
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There used to be the option of a straight, slim and cropped pants on the suit. Before that they also had the wide. Slim or bust on the three piece atm. Next season brings a little change with some alternatives that may please hendrix.


You could always get an IS suit. But be prepared to drop an easy $2k (on sale).


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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

How does Suitsupply compare to TaT (might need the MTM option)? Do not care to drop too much on a suit either, but uniqlo suit seems a little extreme.

TaT is a little better quality but I don't think it'd suit your body well. At $550 or so if you want cropped suit black fleece can be had at that price on eBay. But don't think cropped styles work for you.

I'd get a jil / raf suit on yoox should be same price range
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I'm a fan of AP blazers, the speckled suits last season was awesome, sold out in my sizes in an instant.

Considering this from this season.
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Sorry but what's "AP"? (Nice blazer btw)
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Alexander Plokhov

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Kimono summer suit, cotton & ramie blend

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