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Thanks for the advice guys.

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Trying a suit with a jacket that's longer in the body than I'm used to. It's black and I don't intend to attend any funerals anytime soon, so I guess it qualifies as a streetwear suit. Would wear with a t-shirt or buttoned shirt with no tie, not necessarily the ones in the pics though.

Thoughts on the suit, proportions etc.? All feedback/criticism appreciated.







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proportions seem fine to me, it looks like a fairly "classic" 50/50 top-to-bottom ratio. you could easily wear that in a regular biz/office environment without anyone blinking an eye. If you want to take it out that world, you should definitely try different styling -- maybe ankle boots or a turtleneck or a big scarf or weird shoes. you could even take in the pants if you want to exaggerate the slim silhouette.

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By traditional standards that jacket is still cut short so you are fine
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looks pretty good to me, you could perhaps hem the trousers a little. i often wear a black suit to art events etc, i like it precisely because it doesn't look like you've come from your job at a law firm. also i recommend listening to ghostface killah's 'rise of the black suits' a couple of times before leaving the house.
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Thanks guys.

robinson: Ghostface tip is awesome. Blixa is another inspiration for black, whether it's clothing, risotto or what have you.

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Can anyone ID this blazer or know anything similar?

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it's rag and bone from years ago
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I am not really into CM (MC) at all, but because of social norms (I guess would be the reason) I need a suit and some dress clothes for interviews (internships and later on jobs). Should I just go into the CM world (suitsupply) or are there other options? I want to stay under 600 or so for dress shirts, ties, and suit(s).

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Buy a proper CM suit for formal occasions (unless your internships and jobs are in the creative field). $600 for a suit and dress shirt and ties is impossible outside of Uniqlo or thrifting. From the sound of it, you will need shoes as well.
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will check CM in that case...

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You can get cm suits for under 600 at suit supply.
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I guess you might luck out on a staple color (like navy) at Brooks Brothers during a sale (if you're a less common size). You could get by with Uniqlo everything probably for now for just an internship (depending on industry too I guess).

$600 for a suit + shirts + ties is pretty ambitious. For just the suit it's doable.
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Steve Smith or Collectme on eBay will sell staple BB navy / grey suits for $300-350, standard uniqlo shirts for $80 more, then rest on a pair of Meermins or Allen Edmonds. Could be done. Ties you can thrift or get hickey freeman ones at Marshalls for $10-12
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Originally Posted by istasi View Post

Sorry to bring this pic up again but I'm a street suit noob. Can someone tell me his blazer/pants/loafers? Woud like to check them out. Thanks a lot

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