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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

I'm not a big fan of the fabric this was made of. It's kind of a cotton terry. I have the wool flannel version (grey though), which I think is much nicer. It fits a bit oversized, just fyi.

would a size 2 fit a standard 38R?

Seems like I need a 3 though the material seems to have some give.

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Some good posts. Waiting for a few pair of Mihara trousers to come in. I realized I actually do not have much jackets..all these are so cool in thread.
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yeah, 2 = 38 (2 is his sample size, if that helps any). i wear a 2 in most of his tops/jackets and they fit very slim on me, but with that jacket the shoulders and chest are a bit larger. it was cut like that on purpose. here's a runway shot: i believe that's what the other side of that jacket looks like. here's the wool version, I think, judging by the sheen/texture of the material:
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By measurements it looks fairly slim in the shoulders...I always prefer at least 17.5"

Thanks for the info!
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Siki's great but I'd still feel weird dropping five bills on something made of cotton fleece
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I like the texture and overall durablity in terms of wearing it all the time if that is the case. I feel like I would baby wool jacket like a full piece suit. Maybe I am just inexperienced.

BTW, Bam! a bunch of size 38 Mihara trousers all returned and showed back up in my Deambox lol. I actually tried on those gray jersey trousers and really like them, but returned the size 38 for a 40. I noticed the waist is more structured and has no give unlike most elastic waists with a drawstring. Hopefully this is the case with the wool trousers too. Ordered all 3 pairs of the wools as well. Aside from the reverse seem you mentioned I am looking forward to them. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Yeah there's a chance it's really nice in ways I wouldn't expect fleece to be. Just a mental hurdle.

And you'll love the miharas-- the material feels so good and the summer breeze just passes right through them.
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Great collection!
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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

I spy my jacket zapatiste!

I must go and check out that GBS suit at hostem. The retail is something I could never hope to afford but man it looks perfect.

Hostem is one of the best stores in the world.
While there you should also check out denis colomb and de rien (and theyre in portobello market as well)
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Originally Posted by zapatiste View Post






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Q: Is it alright to match a very casual black cotton blazer with just some basic black chinos? 

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black chinos sound bad, depends on the cut really
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agreed, the one nice black chino i saw was y-3, others are much too dead
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I ask because I got a nice Patrik Ervell cotton blazer in black and I want to pair it with a pair of black pants to wear it as a casual suit to work.


The "standard pants" it's supposed to go with are too slim for my big gay squat thighs and booty plus they're pretty much sold out everywhere anyways.


Maybe I can get away with a pair of dark charcoal or something.

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It's like any other situation where the jacket and trousers have similar or matching colors-- you usually get better results when the texture of the fabrics contrasts a bit. So if the blazer is made from cotton twill, you'd go for trousers in a hopsack or whatever.
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herringbone charcoal trousers might work, in chino/ jeans construction- not dress trou.
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