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Got a W&H jacquard blazer, pretty nice for spring/summer.

Close up:
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That looks way better than I expected it to.
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looks like my sns
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I like the close up and the red button hole a lot.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

looks like my sns
Yeah that's what I thought. Much more texture than I realized.
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Debating between these two blazers, input is welcome. More pics in spoiler.


wool and silk, slight sheen to it.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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neither are that nice ;(
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like the first a lot. dislike the second.
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I thought about the former. Nice color blue IMO
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I like them both, so here let me help you decide

Are you trying to figure out which one is more "fun," which one adds more "pop" or "pizzazz" to your "wardrobe?" Then go for the Margiela. The shape is more distinctive and, well, it's sky blue.

Are you looking for a backup for something you already have or to restock your basics? Then it's all about the second one. Very basic shape and color. Good staple jacket.

So yeah-- second one is the practical choice. First one is the fun choice. Not saying you can't have fun with the second-- I certainly could. That's just the one thing that separates them. I hope that made things easier!
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DL, go for Fuuma electric blue
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thanks all...this will be more for fun so maybe that is a good way to approach this...
Originally Posted by Parker View Post

DL, go for Fuuma electric blue

already did shog[1].gif

I can't decide if I am going to post a fit pic because it will invite unflattering comparisons with Fuuma who wore it better for sure....but I might have to man up and take the beating that is due.....
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ha! i love when people here talk about swagger-jacking other members. it only seems that way because the thousands of others sporting margiela don't post in waywt biggrin.gif
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I think this should go here:



Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Fall / Winter 2013 







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that margiela sold a few hours after I posted it, I should know better smile.gif ....

at any rate here is another one on the radar, faded black with white flecks and streaks. cotton, so a summer/spring jacket mostly.

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