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not sure why that is, KJ, but I like to use those hangers with the broad shoulder flare -- keeps the jacket hanging in nice shape. 

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

not sure why that is, KJ, but I like to use those hangers with the broad shoulder flare -- keeps the jacket hanging in nice shape. 


Thanks, yeah I should pick one of those up, I think the hangar might just be too narrow for the jacket.  It also needs to be dry cleaned.


Welcome back!

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This is a great thread, parker. I love wearing a blazer with a tee a to of the times. Thing is I only have the one, but I would like seeing more example fits and new ways of doing the whole SW&D suit thing. Pretty much the aim is to look as fly as you man.

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great thread parker, I am exactly at the point where I wanted to mix in some blazers casually.. I just avoid the uber-structured look e.g. thrifted 80s heavy padded shoulder double breasted orphaned glen plaid jacket... lol

there are also other brands out there like Barena that have nice jackets but I don't recall anyone in in here wearing them yet.

lastly though, it is quite noticeable that some of the guys in the pics on this thread already have other "non-business-y" aspects in their look such as long hair or epic beard...
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yeah, thread is good spicoli so keep at it.

I am sure CM would disagree but this is in many ways more challenging than CM suiting because unlike over there, there are no firm rules existing since the dawn of time to fall back on. The main rule here is "look good, don't look like an idiot," and that isn't much to go on for people who have limited exposure to what "looks good."

Also, most people don't have access to blazers or suits that look right when worn SWD style. You can't just grab a pinstriped suit jacket and wear it with jeans and captoes and call it right.
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can it be said... that CM suits are actually geared to flatter non-ideal physique (what with all the tailoring, altering, button stance, colorway, etc), while SWD suits, on the other hand, benefits those with near-ideal physique, or those with "inherent swag factor", much more than those without...

IME some footwear choices are safer to start with e.g. chelsea boots
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hows the fit on my hmXmmm blazer? too big? sorry about crappy photos & dirty mirror.
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This thread I can get with 

I think it is important to consider suits with less structure when you are trying to channel a street wear vibe. Unless you are supper skinny or 16 yrs old. In that case something like Dior Homme with much structure should work. 


Here are a few fits I have posted in the past that IMO can pass as streetwear

 Unlike the championed mc and #menswear brands, Most fashion based designers offer suits built for this aesthetic. some other designers that make streetwear friendly suits


Engineered Garments



Neil Barrett



























I personally like suits with less structure anyways

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this is a great thread, let's keep it going. finding blazers that look good with jeans has become something of a quest, in general they look better with some texture and an unstructured shoulder
in winter weights i particularly like the stuff i've seen by barena and EG, such as this:

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^ I like that right there, robin. Kind of on the workwear side of the spectrum, but not lumberjack at all.


Nice looks, T1... you know what you're doing. I'm taking notes.


hipster, that looks good to me. Speaking of structured vs. unstructered, I think both can look good. Margiela tends to makes their jackets with a bit wider/sharper shoulders. Sometimes even "pagoda" shoulders. It's not visually soft and relaxed, but at the same time can be worn that way -- esp. with pants with lots of break (dress pants stacking!) and wearing it with no shirt. ;-)



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More stuff


From Ann D





McQueen Spring 2007






I was wondering if Andre 3000's style would be considered too fancy for this thread. He is def not of the MC variety. But I think too many at swd might hesitate to take cues from him. 

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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

More stuff

McQueen Spring 2007

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Great thread. Kinda embarrassed to post these right after a bunch of runway shots, but someone mentioned Barena earlier.

I picked these up pretty recently, and I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of them. I'll probably wear them more often for biz-caz stuff (button down, trousers or chinos, derbies), but I figure they're casual and cardigan-esque enough to go with jeans and a t-shirt.

"Servolo" jacket, which is a wool/polyamide blend and has lined sleeves, no vents in back:

"Baicolo" jacket, which is an unlined jersey cotton material with double vents in back:

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Awesome thread, some very interesting looks and ideas.

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For those of you who wear buttoned shirts and blazers casually, do you tuck? I do both, but some blazers more on the structured side (for example, recently got a harris tweed one) sort of calls for a tuck..
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