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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

Just a side note, there are a lot of brands that make this type of thing. I think Boglioli K-jacket is probably the quintessenital version. Basically an "Italian-cut" (3-roll-2, patch pockets, double vent, high-notch, pick-stitching, etc) with no lining and usually in some soft brushed cotton or lamswool/cashmere luxe fabric with riffs on traditional patterns. Brunello Cucinelli, Barbera, Partenopea, LBM 1911 and a bunch more make them.

These have more of a "luxe-casual" vibe that to me falls well into the CM/biz-casz/@menswear side of the spectrum. Though some of them are really beautiful, you can't really streetwear-ify these types of jackets. They are too well-groomed, luxe-y, "weekend wine-tasting" chic, and just too, maybe normal ?... to look right with a tee, sneakers, or other elements of streetwear style. 

The last time I did a wine tasting tour without my wife, I organized it. We rented a bus, absconded with the bottles and/or drank straight out of them, made all the wine country visitors in their linen pants and nice blazers (I think that I saw someone who was a deadringer for Andy Gilchrist) look at us like barbarians, and at one point, we played pace car to a drunk couple riding (well, one was pushing) a grocery cart down the highway that between Yountville and some of the nearby wineries. Oh, right, and I used the pseudonym "Seymour Butts." Ah, to be young and dumb again.
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One thing I think that draws me closer to the SW&D side is the fact that I like my suits simple. Alot of MC posters like suits with all the bells and whistles that have numerous trick doors and details. I feel like I dress elaborate enough that it is always best for me to go with a simple suit that I can treat like a blank canvas.

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edit: ^ grape drinking beer emoticon was for LA Guy's wine tasting experience.

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Elisiz, that looks terrible. Not that I dislike the pieces individually, but all of them in one fit do not add up to anything good.

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Fleece jacket by monocle x homecore

Looks like the RG jacket

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I hope one of you guys snagged that quilted blazer I posted; it's already gone.
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Synth, any recommendations for a black blazer in size 36-38? Really love some of yours in the fit pics.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Fucking love this thread. I have a couple SW blazers I wear all the time in the spring/summer/fall. I'll be back with more pictures that are not of me, but I will say that margiela and dries are my go-to for inspiration:

Dries, one of the only 3-button blazers that I have ever loved - and I love it to bits. Wear it all the time. Unlined cotton.

MMM. Wool, unlined, omega-shoulder

I will forever regret hemming those pants

MMM Shawl collar wool/mohair DJ

these are fucking ace, last is very fumma-esque

i need to contribute
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I like this. Just ditch the gold things.

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julius FW13 blazer

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Super emo fit yo. Also part of what made me like streetwear instead of descending into mc hell...
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Emo? patch[1].gif

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i think he is being ironic or something making a reference to user "elisix" who is notorious for his use of emo to describe darker aesthetics that frighten or intimidate him.

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minimalists can too feel joy

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

Super emo fit yo. Also part of what made me like streetwear instead of descending into mc hell...
black isn't necessarily emo. looks good nonetheless. glad you chose the darkside.
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