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Bit of a coincidence-- I just returned the fabio quaranta blazer i picked up from yoox.

Fits considerably larger than the tagged size (probably one of the boxy ones you mentioned). But it's really nice.
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The styling on Yoox is uniformly terrible, but iirc, this is a version of this jacket:

But yeah, some of the stuff, particularly from that season, are meant to fit very boxy. If you check out the lookbook from that season, that's the only jacket that "fits". The rest are cut very large on purpose. iirc, it was decribed as "hobo chic", with the warning that if you don't pull off the clothes, you'll just end up looking "hobo." Just in case, though, I got the size 38 (and I am either a quite large 38, or a small 40).
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I am thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these mofos

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Been browsing Yoox looking for similar jackets or knits i.e. cardigans
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

This one is quite brilliant, IMO. It looks like a MC suit at first glance, and then you look down and see that stacking. I wonder if he got a tailor to make it like that for him or whether it's a designer suit

i believe he's wearing a ccp suit. theaddict is also like 44-46, very fit, and relatively tall, so a lot of clothes look good on him. he modeled for darklands, iirc.
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Thanks, Hendrix. I love wide lapels.

Fok and Parker, are there any other little yoox gems that you guys can add to the line-up, particularly for this sort of thing? Brands, I mean.

Like, this guy maybe has some potential:

These two have Hendrix written all over them:

And this one's like some bizarre Italian TB thing that maybe someone could style well (or maybe not):

A strangely-sized N. Hoolywood number:

And another one:

And some potentially fok-approved items:

A W+H sweat blazer for cheap:


the ever-enigmatic Master Coat

Whatever this thing is:

And somebody absolutely MUST try this thing; I would if it were in my size:

There's also currently a bunch of CKC on offer
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A+ thread. Lots of great content and pictures guys, please keep it up.

I'd like to interject a quick question here: For someone who's a bit tall and fairly skinny (6'5", 145 - 155 lbs.), what characteristics or styles tend to favour that body type?
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From SW&D. 


Had a dinner with friends last night and popped on a dressier shirt and jacket.


photo 6A1B7684-6510-473D-A398-29291C5C71F7-9340-00000591FCE75765_zpsd3995db7.jpg

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

There's also currently a bunch of CKC on offer

What's "offer"? Did you mean ioffer? I dig the ckc blazer I own, so I wouldn't mind getting my hands on more smile.gif
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Sorry, I just meant on sale. At yoox.
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x-post from waywt

Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post



Picked this up recently ("KVA/Plokhov zipper blazer lovechild thing") and originally mostly planned using it as well, a blazer now and then.
Then I realized a few days ago though that the fake-stark I've had for a while works really nice as a liner, so have used it as my everyday-jacket for a few days now, really happy with it

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Fok is much more knowledgeable than I am about different brands and makers. But, I do have quite a bit of "hands-on" experience with Yoox. It's pretty much a treasure trove of unknown (and known) blazers and suit makers. And though you gotta weed through a lot of eurotrash-y stuff (apologies to our Euro friends), the return policy makes it easy and cheap to experiment. One thing I've improved at is discerning how a jacket will drape once it's been freed from the button-happy Yoox photo stylists.


I don't have any solid recommendations for the really unstructured, cardigan sweater-style jackets. (I usually like more structured stuff). But, I would just look for the shape of lapels and shoulders and whether I like the fabric/color. Then just go for it. I'm not really brand-loyal so I don't mind experimenting with the no-namers. 


Btw, this thing reminds me of the fabrics on a lot of 50s rockabilly suits. Kind of Irish donegal tweed meets atomic-age barcalounger. 


Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Fok and Parker, are there any other little yoox gems that you guys can add to the line-up, particularly for this sort of thing? Brands, I mean.


Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

x-post from waywt


I really like the shape and fit of that jacket. The zip detail is nice and puts it firmly in the sw/designer camp. I think Synth mentioned that boots would probably make that look even better.

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Originally Posted by felixking View Post

I'm looking for an "everyday sportcoat" - any recommendations on where to get "unstructured stuff that you find from italian labels" i.e. could you specify for us noobs here? thanks


Just a side note, there are a lot of brands that make this type of thing. I think Boglioli K-jacket is probably the quintessenital version. Basically an "Italian-cut" (3-roll-2, patch pockets, double vent, high-notch, pick-stitching, etc) with no lining and usually in some soft brushed cotton or lamswool/cashmere luxe fabric with riffs on traditional patterns. Brunello Cucinelli, Barbera, Partenopea, LBM 1911 and a bunch more make them.


These have more of a "luxe-casual" vibe that to me falls well into the CM/biz-casz/@menswear side of the spectrum. Though some of them are really beautiful, you can't really streetwear-ify these types of jackets. They are too well-groomed, luxe-y, "weekend wine-tasting" chic, and just too, maybe normal ?... to look right with a tee, sneakers, or other elements of streetwear style. 

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Some other brands that you can find that Yoox that range from the cardigany, hobo-chic (lol) stuff that I like to the more "designer" brands. I'm skipping stuff like Raf, Jil, Margiela, and midpriced brands we are all familiar with like Robert Geller, Wings+Horns, and Rag&Bone, or even Attachment, since we all know the score there already.

10A Suspender Trouser Company:
Lapeless jacket with a really pleasing neckline. I really don't feel like dropping $500 right now, since i just picked up a Fabio Quaranta jacket and a SS13 Dries van Noten belt (which means, retail is higher than the price I paid for the jacket by a significant margin - from one of my favorite stores in San Francisco, MAC, so I'm happy to support). On the other hand, if one of you gets it (the size 40 would fit me better for that one), I'd be happy to style on Parker next time I am in SF.

Harris Wharf London:
Run my a brother and sister team whose family has been in textiles for generations, so all the textiles are custom to the line, and often very innovative - pressed wools, boiled wools, pressed wool that is "sprayed", essentially discharge dyed for an interesting shadow effect, and so on. The woman's line is nice too.

Barena: Rach wrote about them. Short, boxy, cuts. Essentially cardigans with some structure, or sometimes none:

Mauro Grifoni - a middle of the line staple in Italy that I hardly see here, but is worth a look:
Imagine the Boglioli K jackets, but done by a fashion oriented designer. No, the make is not as good, but the stuff is not going to fall apart on you either,and the price is about 1/3 the price of Boglioli

Piombo: It's a brand that I first found at Traffic in LA. Most of the time, it's in the "#menswear territory, but sometimes, it surprises you with stuff like this:

Usually considered a "dark designer" in the States, which, imo, is a bullshit designation. Personally, I think that "brand synergy" in the US and Canada is short for "no imagination". In Europe, you'll see Aldens (the boots, and yes, usually in black,) worn with Levis worn with some drapey jacket, and it can look good. Here, everyone has to look like the lovechild of Yoko Ono and Trent Reznor who watches "The Crow" off often.

Golden Goose - again, a staple in high end Italian boutiques:
It's a bit rocker, a bit preppy, a bit punk. The distressed sneakers are their most ubiquitous product, but the clothes are top notch. It would fit in perfectly at Ron Herman - slightly disheveled, the type of "It costs a lot to look this cheap" look, in the best way possible.

It's traditionally a jeans brand, but they've been branding out. It also means that their stuff can be worn with jeans. Go figure.

There are tons of others. I would just experiment. Too many brands for me to really walk through all of them here.
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