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+ The Streetwear Suits and Blazers Thread +

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So, APK thought we should have a centralized thread to talk about suits and blazers with a streetwear -- aka fashion / designer -- point of view. There's already a ton of valuable info in the MC forum, but I know some streetwear guys just never go over there. Plus, the bias is mostly toward a classic, conservative business style which I doubt most on this side are after.

This isn't meant to compete with all the individual designer threads, just a place for more practical tailored clothing topics: basic suit and blazer questions, discussion of different styles, fit and combination advice, inspiration photos, shopping recommendations, simple alteration questions, whatever. However, I hope it will be more style- and design-oriented than technical. For nitty gritty technical questions, definitely check out the MC Tailor's thread. Those guys know everything.

I hope some of the other guys who know much more than I do will contribute. Anway, let's see how it goes.
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My favorite suits have more or less classic proportions but use luxe materials or have some interesting details. I like a range of shapes from skinny rocker to loose boho--- and no tie, usually with a tee, knit or other non-business shirt and boots, tennies or other non-dress footwear. Anyway here's a few different shapes with various degrees of "suit-ness."

slim/structured - Costume National. I wish I had the build for this style. Dior Homme-ish

medium/unstructured - Dries

wide/loose/unstructured - Yohji I guess this is a suit, right?: same fabric for jacket and pants.

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Current SW pimping get up usually involves some type of blazer over Tshirt.
They don't always have to be unstructured and drapey. Spurr's structured ones look great, if a little more formal:

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For a primer in how to wear a suit in a streetwear style, see Tom Waits.


I never wear a suit unless I'm going to a wedding or something, but I usually wear a sportcoat every day. I try to stick with unstructured stuff that you find from italian labels, since it's easy to wear them without feeling out of place in a casual work environment.

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^ I can get behind.
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great thread idea, i love the idea of the 'streetwear suit', but it's pretty difficult to get it right IMO.
is that blazer above harnden?
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honestly your margiela one looked near perfect, just the photo wasn't that great.
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ok: how do i make a brown corduroy SC cool, this thread-level cool?
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Wear burnt orange or forest green T underneath it.

really faded jeans.

and black derbies.

It looks good in my head.
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last outing was dark grey v neck, dark grey slim herringbone, and black austerity brogue they were all too sleek for the rustic corduroy. yea gotta try more colourful stuff and prolly some pocket square
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without wanting to sound like a stalker, jude law does this look very well.

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^ kashmir your post reminded me that seeing this guy (waris ahluwalia) at frieze recently made me want a brown corduroy suit, i think they automatically have a kind of boho feel. fwiw in your position i'd go with this kind of vibe, just swap in some nice washed denim.

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Originally Posted by kashmir View Post

ok: how do i make a brown corduroy SC cool, this thread-level cool?

You're not going to make brown corduroy "cool" in an edgy/rocker/DH kind of way, but I like this look from Oi Polloi:

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Yeah, brown cord is very American collegiate. I think it's best to just embrace that vibe. Just have something else cool going on, e.g. Wes Anderson hair or bare feet. :-)

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