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First Suit - SuitSupply Vigo Street MTM?

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I'm about to buy what I would consider my first proper suit(s), since previously I've used horrid ones from the high street that didn't fit properly.


I'm a 36R, 5'10" pretty slim and relatively athletic though I have a slight gut. I have a slightly stooped posture (head forward, butt out, pronounced lumbar curvature). These things are probably impossible to get a good fit for RTW and aren't likely to be well addressed with MTM. I can just about fit into 36R pants at a 30" waist, but 32" is a lot more comfortable, which is partly why I'm looking at MTM, but I'd also like a better fit.


I have a budget of about £1000 to spend on 2 suits, these will be my main ones in charcoal and navy solids (I'm considering extra trousers for them too). I'm going to take a trip to Bicester in case I can find anything good before I go to get measured at SS.


Next time I'll get pictures from all angles, was pretty absent minded when I got these taken. The first 2 are the Sienna in a 36R, second is a Havana in 36R. I actually liked the Havana enough to consider grabbing one.



  1. Does the natural shoulder suit my build or should I be opting for a rounder shoulder?
  2. Can I ask get these built with a bit of extra material so that they would survive my physique changing or is this standard?
  3. Should I buy one suit at a time rather than getting both done together?
  4. Is the Havana a good quality sport coat and does it fit me well (from what you can see, sorry for the limited photo).
  5. Is it worth the £229 price tag or would I be best off hunting in Bicester for sport coats?


Appreciate any guidance, thank you in advance.




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At Bicester, your first stop should be Pal Zileri and see if you can find any Pal Zileri Sartoriale

In terms of the suit, get one made first and wear it a two/three times, to see if you need any alterations and then a second suit made. If you end up with RTW suits, get one altered first, wear it a few times (it may need further alterations) and then get the second suit altered.

Have you considered any other options, such as Cad & The Dandy, Ede & Ravenscoft (they have a mtm offers in November), etc?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, Cad and Dandy don't seem to have the best rep, are they worth considering? Ede & Ravenscroft could be very interesting, do you know what the pricing is like when MTM is on offer?

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