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I think this is one of the bigger overstatements of the piece. In reality, it probably doesn't look fantastic. Look around in public and see how many of the men are wearing suits that "look fantastic" as far as fit is concerned. Not many.
Yes, we may be a bit too critical on here and even obsessed. However, that doesn't negate the fact that Joe Public is wearing a suit that fits terribly.

He's quite right that suit fit threads often wind up with people blowing minor sleeve or shoulder issues far, far out of proportion, but IMO, in some ways, he doesn't go far enough on that one. Shoulder critiques are a problem here- the groupthink has lost all sense of perspective on them. A lot of people in those threads talk about a perfectly normal structured shoulder as if it's some sort of abomination. Now, it's fine that SF prefers a more minimal shoulder, but I have seen a lot of threads where posters forget that how the shoulder of a jacket is built isn't an unalterable law of fit, but is a stylistic choice as well.