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Is France Accepting UK Cuisine?

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And if so, how long until a law is passed forbidding it?

But something is changing across the Channel. People are buying British.

Stilton and cheddar are making inroads in a land where camembert, brie and roquefort are national symbols on a par with Shakespeare in the UK.

Scotch whisky now accounts for half a billion pounds in exports to France. Real ale is on the march, and sparkling wine from Sussex and Kent is winning awards, and prompting comparisons with champagne.

The minister with responsibility for food, Owen Paterson, is taking a delegation to Paris to celebrate the success of British produce in France.

Last year British food exports to its Gallic neighbour reached £2.2bn a year, double the figure from 2000 when adjusted for inflation.

Among some Parisian chefs, Scottish beef is now held in higher esteem than France's own beef - a huge turnaround from the jokes about the UK's mad cows. Le crumble is a trendy addition to the dessert menu in even rural France.

Marks and Spencer's Champs Elysees store sells more chicken tikka masala than any branch in the UK and the fifth highest number of BLT sandwiches.

A second M&S Paris store opened last week, with two more large stores planned as well as a number of smaller Simply Food branches.

Jonathan Meades, a broadcaster and food critic living in Marseilles, says the young, urban French see British food differently to Chirac's generation.
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No. I don't think the French accept English cuisine, and you won't see much disgusting mixed grill in Paris, but the Stilton being made right now is a lot better than the Roquefort, so anybody with a palate would change over. France has crippled its cheese industry by trying to ossify it in tradition and it is showing. I am not sure that the English should crow about cheap ethnic fast food crossing the channel, as cheap ethnic fast food is just more popular in France than it used to be.

That said, if things go much further there will be a law.
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At the rate champagne producers are buying up acreage in and around Kent to make sparklers...
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I'm actually a little curious about those English sparklers--should've tried one last time I was in London.
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