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Eyeglasses for small face

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Hi - looking for some advice. First time I'm buying glasses, I think I'm looking for one with frames but not decided yet.

The only issue is that my face is small and almost every pair looks gigantic when I put them on. In the Cutler & Gross store, I went for the smallest pair available (example 2), which almost seems to be the right size for my face. I'd prefer something a bit more discreet to go with business attire, but at the same time it's good to have frames that are a bit distinctive. Lunor looks good on paper but haven't come across their frames in the city I live in, I suspect they may be too large as well.

Any recommendations on other similar types of glasses that fit my profile? Price of <$800 would help.

Example 1: Lindberg

Example 2: Cutler & Gross

Example 3: Lindberg

Example 4: Tom Ford

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None of them look wrong. It is probably you not accustomed to spectacles.
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i like the first ones the best.

Just went through the same thing myself.

Went with:
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I'll bite.


Example 1: These are my favorite. They're smart and slightly youthful (they fit your age).

Example 2: I don't think the teardrop shape suits your face.

Example 3: You look like my CEO, and that's NOT a compliment.

Example 4: Defientely the most trendy of the bunch. If that's your thing I guess they're okay.


Take anything I say with a grain of salt because I don't know or care about eye wear. I think you look the most handsome in the first pair.

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Thanks for all the advice. In the end I went with Lunor A5 223. Perfect fit for my face, and built quality is great too.
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