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Instead of the week in Paris, I'd take globetrotter's suggestion and look at another city -- personally I'd do Copenhagen or Amsterdam, probably 3 days to 4 in Paris. I went to Paris on a small-timer budget, but I find it pretty boring compared to the rest of Western Europe (Spain excluded, which I hated).

I really want to go back to Europe in the next few years and spend a week on Sark.
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Paris? Boring?
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It was ok. I liked the museums, didn't really have the cash to do serious shopping, but overall I found it kind of monotonous and dreary.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

It was ok. I liked the museums, didn't really have the cash to do serious shopping, but overall I found it kind of monotonous and dreary

I could see that, if one doesn't know where to hang out and is stuck in an expensive neighborhood. Any city in the world will seem bad in the wrong circumstances (I've even met people who hated NYC)


As for the OP I second the recommendation to tack on a 3rd city to your itinerary (Brussels is my pick, only 1h20m from Paris on the train). There's more than enough to do in Paris for a week, but if you're not in Europe often might as well see a few places to get a feel for different cultures, etc.

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I was at Arpege a few weeks ago for lunch and had their vegetarian menu which was French-Asian fusion. I fact I thought it was tilted more Asian than French. The dishes can be hit-or-miss depending on your taste. They started with a vegetarian herbal soup that tasted like they used the herbs from "Bak Kut Teh". But it didn't taste right to be me because I am used to the soup cooked in pork. OTOH my favorite dish was a melt in your mouth vegetarian sushi - it was so good.

I thought their table knife was a good design and a nice touch. The amount of food served was just right.

I also went to Taillevent for lunch initially intending to get the regular lunch menu. When I got there their 8 course tasting menu looked more appealing and I was assured that the portions were "small". I was satiated by the 3rd course. For the 5th course they served me the biggest piece of foie gras I have ever seen in real life. Then the meat course arrived. ffffuuuu.gif

If I return to Taillevent, I will have to remember to pace myself and only eat a portion of each dish. Interestingly, at Arpege I was served a number of additional dishes not listed on the menu while at Taillevent most (if not all) of the dishes served were listed on the menu. Arpege was more casual than Taillevent. At Arpege I was one of the few dressed in coat and tie whereas at Taillevent most men wore at least a coat. I thought there were also more tourist looking people (like me) at Taillevent.

I was there over a year ago. I tried to get reservations at Fat Duck but failed. I went to River Cafe but was underwhelmed. In London I enjoyed relatively simple food much more (e.g. soft boiled eggs, fish & chips, India food). Sheekey's fish pie was quite good too.
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I love both the River Cafe (had a superb meal there in 2010) and the Fat Duck (same).
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Sheekey's was pretty good - our apps and deserts were excellent, the dover sole was a little meh, which surprised me.
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I found River Cafe similar to restaurants in NYC but paying GBP. The fish pie at Sheekeys is not like any dish I've had before.
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FWIW, imo, Mariage Frères (Marais) is a must.

I remember L'Epi Dupin to be the best restaurant we went for lunch in the 25-35€ region, if you're interested in that. Lots of locals there. Friendly waiters. Good food. Nice vivid atmosphere (if you want distance to others, this is the wrong place).

The ice at Berthillon is indeed pretty good.
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Going to Paris on saturday with the wife for 4 days: first trip without our child. Have booked tables at Lèpi Dupin and Terroir Parisien. I've been to L'Epi once before, and I can only concur, that it is excellent value for money. Anyone tried Terroir Parisien ? The reviews are pretty good.
I would also recommend Ze Kitchen Galerie btw. A bit pricier though
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So we had lunch at L'Ambroisie today (couldn't get a dinner reservation) and it was phenomenal. I was a little nervous about what the experience was going to be like because we don't speak a word of French. They seated us in the middle room, not the isolated dark room I've heard referred to as the "shit room." The service couldn't have been better. It was professional, but friendly and welcoming at the same time. The food was exceptional. My wife had the langoustine in a curry sauce and I had the egg, soft boiled, with asparagus, caviar, and watercress sauce. For the main course we shared the roast chicken for two with morel mushrooms. Best chicken I've had, no questions asked. For dessert I had the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and she had a pineapple cream dessert in a thin candy shell. I'm told the food at L'Arpege is better, but they've got a lot of work to do to beat L'Ambroisie.
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