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Originally Posted by javy View Post


anyone know where to find these in a 43 (or 44)? Additionally, would a 10.5 fit a 43 in these?

44 was not produced for the domestic market, so unless some overseas retailer ordered them you might be out of luck.

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That makes sense, thanks. I think a 43 could fit me but I cannot find it anywhere. I'll try emailing them directly to see if they know.

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Originally Posted by MagicalZechs View Post

44 was not produced for the domestic market, so unless some overseas retailer ordered them you might be out of luck.

Japan never produces 44 anything for footwear, source = f my big ass feet

Side note.

Can someone explain what the difference between Attachment and KKA is?
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

After having worked on the design team of Issey Miyake from 1990 to 1995, Kazuyuki Kumagai began his own brand, Attachment, in 1999. What began as a simple streetwear label has become a pioneer of Japanese casual fashion, and has gained success at boutiques across the world. In 2007, the label was split in two: Attachment would continue the streetwear tradition of "real clothes", whereas Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment would be used to communicate a higher-end, more mode-focused aesthetic. However, both labels are sold together and generally considered to be two sides of the same brand. Kazuyuki Kumagai had shows in Paris from 2007 to 2009.


The styling of Attachment revolves around "high quality, real clothes"; staples such as leather jackets, supima cotton t-shirts, and denim. Despite the evident simplicity, Attachment is responsible for popularizing many trends that exploded in the Japanese fashion scene, such as "J-shaped" or "banana" pants -- pants that have a curved seam causing them to gather around the knees and calves. The overall aesthetic is very typical of Japanese casual menswear, with many military and biker-inspired elements. However, Attachment's use of high quality leather and fabrics along with a laser-focus on cut allows it to stand out from its contemporaries.

Since splitting off from the mainline in 2007, Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment has become the home of the more fashion-forward pieces in the line. The feeling communicated is much more dramatic and often darker, yet Kumagai does not shy away from the use of color, incorporating in ways that don't detract from the seriousness of the overall look. The eponymous line incorporates much more draping and tailoring than its predecessor.

Text is taken from


first post lol

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Originally Posted by magicalporks View Post

first post lol

Thanks man, I even read that at some point. Op is blocked for me so I didn't see it.
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What does mode-focused mean?
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It comes from French (, but it's used as a bit of a catch-all for modern non-conservative and non-streetstyle (subculture?) fashion, so it'd include designer and stuff like CCP. That's my understanding anyway, it's a bit nebulous to define.

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Thanks mp
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Can I assume that the fit of the actual leather may be slimmer than what the actually measurements are?
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Anyone interested in this hat that I ordered but makes me look like every other hat makes me look which is not good? Size 3 circumference is 61cm/24 in.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Hey guys, quick question: It looks like FWRD hasn't carried Attachment in a few season now, so does that just leave Ssense and H Lorenzo for places that carry bigger sizes?
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@OccultaVexillum and also The Archive. Unfortunately all of these places are about double retail pricing. One option is to see if you can preorder from mercury in japan, you could probably get the larger sizes (4,5) for better (retail) pricing that way.
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Re-porter has some side zips (size 41) for $300, really reasonable price.

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Similar pair on the site that starts with G for $207 in size 44. Fits like a wide-ish 11 IMO. Seller is a nice guy (not me).
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