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Lane Crawford carries Attachment, and hopefully will continue to. 


@brad-t Perhaps you should edit that into the front page for international shops.

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Just checked the prices, and Lane Crawford is massively marked up

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The mark ups aren't that bad. No hassle, free returns though. The stuff on the Japanese retail sites sell out really quick too. Always good to have a backup. 

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How do Attachment boots run for sizing?
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Originally Posted by raags View Post

How do Attachment boots run for sizing?


I have a pair of the six-hole boots from this past AW season and fit me pretty tts. But this is what curiouscharles (re.porter) said earlier in the thread:


Originally Posted by curiouscharles View Post

it's silly to ever assume that all models of boot [from any brand] will fit the same season to season, model to model, leather to leather.

the Ann D "rule" frustrates me the most, as it's just not true, excepting certain models - yet people run rampant across the internet buying one size down.

always, always, ALWAYS, enquire about sizing for a particular model, especially if it's in a different leather than you're used to / your previous pair.

based on the few pairs of Attachment we've had through our store, sizing has been completely different each time...
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@brad-t haven't heard of another attachment pre-order, have you sneaky2.gif
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Just a heads up, Forward has all their Attachment pieces at 50% off, size 2 is the smallest though.
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the irony is that 50% off basically makes it japanese retail lol
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Still, worth it for size 4/5ers since japanese retail/used for those sizes is unicorn-like. smile.gif Then again I say that without being a YP browsing junkie so I don't really know.

Probably already covered in the thread, but what do people think of his sneakers?
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To me just the ease of ordering from a US retailer is good enough, Forward usually ships the next day too and with free returns its easy to try on and return stuff, it's all pretty hassle free.
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Just visited the shop in Daikanyama, pretty cool setup and the SAs were pretty knowledgeable. KKA A/W drops end of July if anyone was curious.

The striped Attachment blazer in dark beige was pretty cool too, almost got it since it was on sale...

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Abraxis, don't think the sneakers are very popular here. Not a fan myself.
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Yeah gonna second brad, sneakers felt really unimpressive. Looked a bit cheap.
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Yeah that was my feeling too. Maybe in low top form and at a deep discount it might be vaguely interesting. That striped suit is awesome it's like a dark-tinted version of summer.
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Anyone hear about their pre-order? I think they said everything would be shipped in July.
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