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The deer leather is a bit thin and soft, never been super impressed with it. The calf leathers are without fail always awesome
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Getting a distinctive White Mountaineering vibe from the F/W '14 lookbook, probably has to do with the camo pattern and proportions

Was literally thinking the same thing this morning. The color and subtle camo patterns definitely give that off.

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Digging this coat: it's like a Japanese Schnieder.


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in case anyone else is still waiting, just got my payment URL
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Yes, I just completed the checkout as well.

I got an error at the end, but I'm hoping it's just engrish since I used the google-translated version of the checkout.

My bank contacted me to make sure that someone wasn't committing fraud with my card so I'm hoping it goes through.
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Now down to 108,000 Yen / ~US$1056. Really awesome price for that jacket new IMO.
Originally Posted by tellure View Post

Softest Guidi calfskin and amazing edge-to-edge construction (no folds). I love mine and wear it a lot. This one's size 3, which is a 48.

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New photos of Attachment FW14 collection: http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/2961

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Thanks for posting here! I've seen the catalogue – IMO it's way stronger than previous Attachment seasons. Some really beautiful outerwear in particular.
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Already regret not getting this coat:



Although I don't remember it looking this good in the higher exposure pics.

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How can you regret not getting it? You know this isn't the KKA collection, right?
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No didn't know.

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Is there a difference in quality of construction/fabrics between KKA and mainline Attachment or is it just mostly design differences?

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kka is produced at higher standards.

even within attachment, there is variation in quality. i have a blazer and a suit. the suit is fully canvassed while the blazer is only half.
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Is KKA produced to higher standards? Typically the designs are far more "unfinished." I actually don't know the answer to this.
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