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Looks good to me, kinda like a cross between Schneider and dries
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I didn't like SS14 of Attachment or Kazuyuki Kumagai very much ... frown.gif
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I looked twice to make sure, a mix of ugly, boring, and one weak camo gimmick.

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Had to double check that I was in the right thread when I saw those pics lol.
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Is that the J Crew lookbook?
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WTF? :(

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I think it everyone else >_>

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4th one down is just ridiculous.
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minimalist long coats are huge for ss14, this collection is right on the money. maybe not in line with attachments aesthetic, but i like it.
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The KKA stuff for SS looks much better than the mainline Attachment collection. I still prefer the FW stuff to it though. :/

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I think many people here don't really understand what Attachment is compared to Kazuyuki Kumagai, mostly because Attachment used to be a bit darker and all shops abroad refer to both as simply Attachment. But Attachment is largely a basic streetwear label that keeps in-line with current trends. KKA is where most of the creative work is happening.
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Yeah KKA is the mainline. In julius terms it'd be the julius_7 while Attachment would be the ma_julius.
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Saw this on Rakuten and I'd love to buy it (I have a KKA zip hoodie in light grey that I wear constantly) but this is one size too small for me. Fairly pricey at ~US$315 for a used hoodie, but the KKA cuts and fabrics are great. This one is a size 2 which is ~size 46.
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Spring stuff is in stores. Any items you like? Torn on this one:

Should I or shouldn't I?

COLOR / X.BLACK size / 1-2-3-4 MATERIAL / POLYESTER 100% COTTON 60%, POLYESTER 40% polyester twill x Coolmax blouson. It is the item with the sporty feeling of relaxation that is suitable for spring and summer, and somewhat elegant image. Function also excellent, because it uses the COOL MAX switching back and stand-up collar is the jackets feature. Please have a look because there is also deploy short pants in the same material. (COOL MAX) suppress the rise of body surface temperature by thermoregulatory function, cooler comfort is comfortable. The biggest feature absorbing water fast-dry performance. The capillary action of its own, and discharged outside sucking the sweat from the body, and has the effect of dried and cooled by capturing air from the outside. The use of proprietary fabric and polyester fiber having a modified cross-section, to achieve comfort and performance.
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