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FromJapan delayed my order for a week and now the stole jacket I wanted to grab is out of stock. Brad, would you happen to know anywhere I could still find it in black (or khaki gray) size 1?

This thing:
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That sucks frown.gif Never heard such a bad thing about FromJapan before.

This store has khaki grey:
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Yeah not really sure what happened there, first time it's happened to me. Thanks though!
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just put in my first proxy purchase in a long time for a attachment blazer in poly/wool i think? i can't read japanese hopefully it works out.
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poly/wool? which one?
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ahh cool! can't wait to see
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Have any of you handled this blouson? It seems like it could either be pretty sweet or really boring.

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Don't like what's going on at the waist, the crop+padding is not appealing
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yeah, i'll prob end up skipping it. way more exciting options at that price
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Attachment down jackets (like most other "fashion" down jackets) are not very warm, unfortunately, not enough fill
Good for fall or somewhere not too cold, but will not handle a full-on winter
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Holy shit these pants are so comfy.


Also liking the khaki gray even more than I expected, kind of glad I didn't go with black.


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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Beautiful new Attachment fly-front coat:

has anyone ended up buying this yet? am curious about how it fits (have always been somewhat suspect of online shop-measured numbers...)

is attachment in general more suited for taller people?
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It's a Japanese brand, so not really suited to "taller" people. Average height I would say. That guy is about 5'11" and wearing a size 2 (46).

MagicalPorks, the khaki is great! Definitely better than the black.
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Brad, where can I find the coat above anyways? I tried looking on Attachment's e-store but I couldn't find it. I've also looked at most of the retailers in the original post.
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