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In my experience, they are all stitched. Once they're in stock (should be soon) it will be easier to tell.
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what does a size 4 convert too? I'm looking at this http://re-porter.ca/clothing/rayon-hook-closure-long-jacket-2/
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Just picked this up from the post office.



Size 1, I'm normally a 44-small 46.

Probably could have sized up, but the lengths would probably be too long with a size 2. Color is even nicer in person.

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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

what does a size 4 convert too? I'm looking at this http://re-porter.ca/clothing/rayon-hook-closure-long-jacket-2/


Nice jacket magicalporks! I hope you'll post a fit with it.
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I'm surprised almost nobody sent me PMs about pre-ordering. You guys not better post here six months from now asking where to get size 4 and 5 at Japanese prices, OK? redface.gif
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brad so you can get that suit now and it will ship now? i mean thats not a pre order or is it pre order?
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It's current season and in stock at many stores now. Some stores are already sold out. If you let me know your size, I can check.
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New arrivals this week:

Knit Jersey 3-button jacket. Wool/cashmere blend. Very low price – ¥36,750!

Long wool knit cardigan – ¥30,000. I bought it smile.gif

It arrives at last ... 1.8mm Guidi Fiore work boot. ¥84,000.
I want to buy it ... frown.gif

There are more as well. Please continue to check the stockists!
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What size are you, I think remember seeing Re-porter carrying a few sizes. But I was browsing late last night around 2 AM .. =\

I like the boots FWIW but want a side zipper. Toe can be a little flatter as well devil.gif
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The re-porter ones aren't my size! It's not the same model, either. They are nice though.
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H Lorenzo has posted some new items! Have to say, pretty surprised they picked up the leopard shorts ...

See more >
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Anybody know where I can buy this item in size 50?

aw 2013


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I was in Daikanyama eating Mexican food today and stopped by the Attachment flagship there, this season is definitely one of the strongest yet. Maybe just because I stopped by Lift on the way, but prices seem to be pretty reasonable across the board as well.
Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I ordered this same suit but in flat black wool/cashmere. Kinda wondering if I should've bought the dots version ...

Tried on the dots today, ohhh so nice. I love the fit of the jacket so much, and it has the perfect amount of stretch. I may have to buy it even though I certainly don't need it

The drop-crotch jeans and pants are an awesome fit as well, especially dudes with big butts like me. I can pull them up for a regular fit and sag them down for ultra-comfort. The sharp taper below the knee still makes them look "fashion" and not sloppy

By the way, the Kumagai line MA-1s are super padded and tight, fit really weird... If you want something super puffy and all you're gonna wear under a t-shirt, it's alright I guess
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I agree the fit on the MA-1s is a bit weird. Your other comments filled me with confidence though – looking forward to getting that setup! Still wonder if I should've gone dots ...

The prices for KKA are much lower this season. Shirts are about ¥10,000 cheaper, for example.
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The wool/cashmere feels very, very good. I think it's a toss-up, but the flat color looks better as a full suit - the dot pants are a little much, not as versatile. The jacket is just perfect, it definitely feels like a very refined piece. I tried on similar offerings from Individual Sentiments and a couple others, nothing felt as natural worn as the Attachment piece. From the placement of the pockets, the way the lapels work perfectly up or down, and the combo of hook and buttons, everything just falls right into place.

The fit on the jacket and pants just feels perfect, loose in all the places you want movement, but with slim arms and slim calves so, again, it doesn't look sloppy. Before I started caring about fashion, I wore everything pretty loose and baggy. When I discovered fashion, I wanted everything tight and slim, maybe overcompensating a bit. Now I look for clothing that's comfy yet looks sharp, and so many Attachment pieces are right on the perfect balance of elegant yet easy to wear, combined with superior materials and a decent price, which is why I'm drawn the brand again and again.

Uh-oh, I think I've just talked myself into buying it...
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