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everything mailed from japan smells weird. wash it.
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^^ Gotcha. That "used sheen."

I have almost no sense of smell (like, partial anosmia), so it would probably be dangerous for me to embark down that c-rate path, lest I smell like some tokyo dweller's evening prowl
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^Only the used stuff right? Not the stuff you ask to be proxied from a retailer, I hope.
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It's the chemicals used for dry cleaning, they do that to most clothing that gets sold from secondhand shops. They go away overnight if you just leave them hanging outside the closet
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sorry if repost by this is doap

kazuyuki kumagai attachment - high collar belted cashmere coat, sz. 2

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Size 3 anywhere? or 4
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toasty, i'm a three, so my guess is you'd be four
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the few things i've tried have been sz4 for what that's worth, toasty
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Yeah when I had dinner with curiouscharles I told him I wanted this coat ... haha. It will surely be gone by the time I'm ready to buy, someone should get it!!
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Kazuyuki Kumagai FW13 Look Book

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Thanks for posting it here! Did not realize high-res pics were already available smile.gif

It's definitely nothing revolutionary, I'd even say this collection is a bit too conservative, but there are some nice pieces.
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dunk-a-likes aren't bad
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For someone like me looking for a gateway piece or two, it looks easy to integrate.
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Would wear the shit out of these 2 looks, even if they're relatively safe.

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Since the lookbook is out now, I feel OK sharing the item catalogue here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o3stm3txuf2mmmq/Rv7ATqQCjS

Here's the items I pre-ordered:

And some other cool stuff from the collection ...

Please browse the catalogue and let me know your thoughts smile.gif
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