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Some new SS13 stuff.

The wash on this is killer.

Other colors are available for everything, of course.
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Crosspost from the leather jacket thread:

Time for some major thanks to Brad-t.

I've been wanting this KK Attachment jacket in brown for a long time, but it seemed completely sold out. When I asked about it in this thread months ago, brad-t spotted one at a Russian store called Project 3,14 but the price was way too high for me (>$3k). Then a month or so ago I happened to check the store again and it's on sale, in my size no less.

After receiving it today I would say it's now my favorite jacket. The leather they use (from Guidi) feels amazing.. super soft yet substantial, with a nice grain you can feel. I think it fits great, and I love the minimalist style.

Here are some detail shots of the leather. The seams on this thing are incredible.. instead of a traditional seam with a folded edge inside for the stitching, the leather is just matched edge-to-edge and sewn using a series of very tight loops. It makes for a completely flat seam - no edge whatsoever. I'm guessing this is not nearly as strong as a traditional seam though. It feels solid when you tug on it, but I wouldn't go much further. Riri zips are great and the sleeves get a nice silhouette when the cuff zips are open.

THANK YOU brad-t smile.gifsmile.gif
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Brad can I get 1??? Omg
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Nice tellure! It's unlined, correct?

From what you described, the seam work is like what Aitor Throup does, but AT treats the seams with some secret sauce something to make it stronger.
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i need that hoodie
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It's unlined except for the sleeves which have a very thin lining of cupro so you can slide your arm in and out easily.
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That jacket is really cool.
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Congrats and you're welcome! This jacket is produced every season, so if you want this jacket it shouldn't be too difficult to find.

I just finished reviewing Fall 2013 catalogue. There's no surprises, but outerwear for this season is very very strong. In particularly, there are some very cool geometric bomber and down jackets.
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where's that blue linen-looking long jacket available?

btw, that leather jacket is beautiful.
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My favourite shop is – it's run by my friend Chihiro and they usually stock everything or almost everything. Here's the coat you're looking for:
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I always go to web shops like essence and find such cool stuff but it makes me wish I read Japanese.  Sup rosetta stone.

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sup google chrome built-in translator
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I really should try chrome.  Never bothered with it, but I have heard good things so far.  Guess I have a legitimate reason to use it now, thanks man.

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Whoa, Essence Web is in Niigata

I should drive over there and check it out after the snow melts, their webstore always has great info
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Hooded coat from this fall.


RLX henley and Zam DNAs to go along with it. Had some house slippers on so I cropped that out.

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