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ATTACHMENT: The Discussion

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After having worked on the design team of Issey Miyake from 1990 to 1995, Kazuyuki Kumagai began his own brand, Attachment, in 1999. What began as a simple streetwear label has become a pioneer of Japanese casual fashion, and has gained success at boutiques across the world. In 2007, the label was split in two: Attachment would continue the streetwear tradition of "real clothes", whereas Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment would be used to communicate a higher-end, more mode-focused aesthetic. However, both labels are sold together and generally considered to be two sides of the same brand. Kazuyuki Kumagai had shows in Paris from 2007 to 2009.


The styling of Attachment revolves around "high quality, real clothes"; staples such as leather jackets, supima cotton t-shirts, and denim. Despite the evident simplicity, Attachment is responsible for popularizing many trends that exploded in the Japanese fashion scene, such as "J-shaped" or "banana" pants -- pants that have a curved seam causing them to gather around the knees and calves. The overall aesthetic is very typical of Japanese casual menswear, with many military and biker-inspired elements. However, Attachment's use of high quality leather and fabrics along with a laser-focus on cut allows it to stand out from its contemporaries.

Since splitting off from the mainline in 2007, Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment has become the home of the more fashion-forward pieces in the line. The feeling communicated is much more dramatic and often darker, yet Kumagai does not shy away from the use of color, incorporating in ways that don't detract from the seriousness of the overall look. The eponymous line incorporates much more draping and tailoring than its predecessor.

Text is taken from – Attachment Official Website


  • Attachment Official Online Shop - The most comprehensive stock with photos of every piece.
  • Essence-Web - Web extension of several B&M stores including an official Attachment shop. Good selection and great customer service. You can order through them directly with an international credit card, but you can only ship within Japan. Contact them for details.
  • R and co. - Small selection, but they do ship internationally.
  • Blue Merle - Ship internationally upon request and accept Paypal.
  • Please let me know if there is another good shop I should add here!



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I decided to make this thread since a lot of people were discussing Attachment since I posted the coat that I bought, and I'm becoming more interested in this brand as well. If you have questions I can do my best to help you. I also became good friends with the manager of Essence-Web, so anything I can't answer I can get an answer from him smile.gif

I ordered two pieces that I should receive soon. These will be my first experience owning Attachment pieces.


I'd encourage you guys to check out the current collections -- particularly KKA, as I think it's really great.
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Nice thread! Really like AW12 stuff, the coats especially.  Are there any pics of ss13 yet? -didn't see any on the official site. is another international stockist, though they seem to be carrying fewer pieces this season.


Would love to get this:


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Does anyone have pictures of KKA's f/w 2008 runway show?
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Good thread icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I am stupid to even sell my Attachment coat. Might pull off the market - it's my day to day piece to work/casual

Only thing is i can't really layer in a size 2 unfortunately
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why are you wearing something that you put up for sale regularly? that's just dishonest to the buyer...
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how is that dishonest ? lol

if it's not sold - i can still wear it

after its paid - i dont wear it

fair enough i think
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Really liked this brand after I saw epoc with the KKA knit
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Originally Posted by chiggah View Post

how is that dishonest ? lol
if it's not sold - i can still wear it
after its paid - i dont wear it
fair enough i think

you're putting a valuation on the piece based on its condition when you put up the listing initially, but you wear it without reflecting it in the price or the listing. you're misrepresenting the current condition of the piece. that's dishonest. it'd be like reversing the mileage on your car.
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fair enough i understand your comment

then i'll lower the price when i see fit and disclose to the buyer in PMs. But right now the condition is just as it was when i received it

I dont see any real difference wearing a piece 20 times as opposed to 30-40 times for example

just like diminishing return after x number of wears (not sure if that makes sense)
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this is straight from your listing:

-Got this as a trade from a fellow SZ member some time ago, but I have only worn it a few times since. Still in great condition; I'd say 9/10.

Granted, people wear down their clothing at different rates, but there is a difference in the condition of something worn a few times and something worn thirty times. I'd hard-pressed to believe something worn that often is in 9/10 condition. I don't want to derail your sale, but seriously, let's try to be honest sellers.
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attachment season to season is all over the place in styling and cuts and colors. more something for everyone rather than everything for someone.

kka is slightly more focused though. both are very much intended to be streetwear brands as opposed to runway brands but they are really damn good.
i dont think theres ever a reason to worry about quality of construction with the brand in either line.

their 3-d ish tailoring and construction is probably their forte.
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this is what i think/believe, you might think otherwise and that's cool; there is absolutely no different after wearing something few times (upon receiving it second hand which has been worn already) compared to an additional 30 times. Unless you wore it under the rain/snow/mud etc constantly

i'd understand if it was brand new

i dont care if you derail the sale, but you're derailing this thread

but yes i should edit my thread again, apologies on that - pretty much took the description from the original thread

if you must know, the sale went from that seller (c.r.e.a.m) on sz to Raw to fouinsbe (cant rememeber his name) to me; who knows how many times its been worn in between
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There are no public photos of SS13 yet. I will say that Attachment itself is very conservative – although there are some solid shoes and outerwear – whereas KKA is pretty much in line with expectations. I feel like Attachment is keeping in line with Japanese streetwear trends whereas the eponymous line is a stronger expression of Kumagai's art.

KKA is very colorful next season, with bright yellows, purples and blues available. Really wish I could share the pics ...!
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Originally Posted by Lorcan7 View Post

Nice thread! Really like AW12 stuff, the coats especially.  Are there any pics of ss13 yet? -didn't see any on the official site. is another international stockist, though they seem to be carrying fewer pieces this season.

Would love to get this:

Thank you, I added them!

That coat is really great. Just be forewarned that all of the KKA outerwear this season is actually really light, unlined and "unfinished" wool cashmere. So you should think of them more as cardigans than anything else. Judging from the SS13 pics I've seen, Kumagai-san is transitioning away from the very visible hook closures -- many pieces had one "hidden" hook closure but there was nothing like this -- so you should consider getting one from this season if you really like it.
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