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Sorry about that..

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I'm not sure what's up with the forum software, but the same thing that crashed it before (a ridiculously small thing) crashed it again. Anyway, welcome back and sorry it took me so long to fix it; I've been pretty busy and haven't gotten to spend much time here lately. Thanks to those who alerted me to the problem, Steve B and Jayson- you guys get a gold star.
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We missed you/us...
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Hey J, What's important is that you fixed it man... thanks for a great job... Cheers.
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thanks i really appreciate it.

(hey, everyone else is bring old threads back)
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It's allright. Just don't do it again, OK?
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soo...J - you recovered yet?
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Yeah, looks like we're in pretty good shape now, 50 years later
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I've been trying to post my jean fadez pics every 10 minutes for 7 years. Now I can finally post em. I got sick fadez yo.
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