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Boots for Law Enforcement

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I am a deputy sheriff in the great state of Georgia, and I need some boot recommendations.  I am issued 5.11 military style boots whenever I wear a pair out, but policy allows me to wear any  "military" style boot of my choosing, provided it is not patent leather.  I would love to buy something higher quality and classier than the issued boot, and I would like recommendations for boots that could stand up to daily use and be worth having re-soled every year or two as necessary.  


I like the looks of these from Alden, or their cap-toe sibling, but I would like input on other good options.



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Boots for Law Enforcement gives me an aweful image in my mind frown.gif
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I dont have a boot rec for you, but perfect user name. nod[1].gif
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Thanks, but I found out too late I had enough letters to fully spell "Reasonable" so now I feel like an idiot.

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Alden-of-carmel? spam[1].gif knock-offs?
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Of course you would place more emphasis on Force.

Do you have preference for shell cordovan shoes?
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Don't do it.

You will feel the pain when your shell cordovan boots gets abused by the daily duties of a cop.

Unless you are a desk jockey and looking good but functionally useless is your job description
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^^^ If you're in patrol, "dress" boots won't serve you very well.  I like the Ridge Air Tac side zip.  They're available in steel toe if you like.  You'll find them very comfortable and durable.  The Ridge boots will also take a decent shine.  Best of luck.

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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

Alden-of-carmel? spam[1].gif knock-offs?
You have been in China too long. Alden of Carmel is a legit long-time purveyor of Alden shoes.
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Nothing with leather soles obviously... won't leave a satisfying imprint on the face of the little man. Would you need something with a toe cap or any specific functional addition?

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Thanks for the tips!  I am not a "desk jockey" but my current assignment often has me in doors, and I can predict ahead of time when I will be inside.  In other words, I wouldn't be in a situation where I would be chasing somebody through the woods while being worried about ruining my beautiful boots!  I could save my issued boots for when I know they might get damaged.

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Op, I have a pair of the AE Bayfield Boots. I wear them hiking and backpacking. After break in they are awesomely comfortable.
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Check out Danner and Thorogood.
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