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Orphaned Awesome Blue Pinstriped Jacket

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I have a beautiful tailored blue wool pinstripe suit jacket that has just lost its slacks. I'm not one to mix suits but I am not letting this jacket go. 


Due to this, I've pretty much decided I'm going to pair it with grey wool slacks and let my self confidence handle the rest. 


Most here in Atlanta will figure it's totally acceptable simply because I'm wearing it with such a look of purpose. 


This said, I'm here asking for your thoughts.


How would you pair an odd pinstripe jacket (other than with jeans)?

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I haven't done it, but I'm guessing that, if done well, grey corduroy pants could look alright. If it's acceptable in your town, then who gives a fxck if it's not acceptable on the internet? Post pic's of you wearing the jacket. Are you sure that it's worth keeping?

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All you have to do is ask yourself:

"if that blue pinstripe wool suit jacket was some generic brand, would I wear it?"

If the answer is yes, proceed.

If the answer is no, then look past the brand / tailoring and look at getting a new suit.
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Limit the damage by changing the buttons (think smoked MOP) and putting some elbow patches on it.
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^ change the buttons, e.g. MOP; however, the important factor is the the stripes - even if you change the buttons and add elbow patches, it could still look like an orphaned suit jacket
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My apologies for the graininess but here is one pairing




The blazer with grey flannel (flat front, of course)

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that jacket does not even fit you, why are you persisting?
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It is workable, but the sleeves are too short.
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Thread Starter's like an old friend. 


I'll stand down. I knew honesty would come quickly on this forum. 



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as above, plus it looks like a suit jacket - donate to charity shop
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I've played with the sleeves on this several times. I had them longer but as I increased my cufflink collection I began shortening my jackets.

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